Floraphane Rectangles

Floraphane Rectangles

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Our favorite cone-rolling material, precut into perfect rectangles and ready for you to roll!
Our favorite cone-rolling material, precut into perfect rectangles and ready for you to roll!


Description & How to Use

Love rolling your own cones but hate the hassel of cutting sheets and sheets of floraphane? Henna Caravan does that part for you!

Sized at 5x7 inches, these rectangle sheets make ideal cones that hold about 1 ounce of paste.

Alternatively, you can cut them in half to make mini-cones.

Henna Caravan floraphane rectangles are perfect for rolling your own cones. Once rolled and filled, use a rubber band to seal the top, a tape fold, or a binder clip. Discard after use.

(Also called cello or cellophane)



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    I like my rectangles a little smaller for smaller cones and so I just cut them in half and you get double the amount! I really love this as it's a really good price for the actual amount you get.

    Oct 3rd 2017

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    Love the fun colors

    Love how easy it was to just wrap and use my henna. Can't beat it already in squares for you. Love that is see through.

    Sep 8th 2017

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    Florphane Rectangles

    Until now, I've been using either mylar or cellophane that I bought at an art supply store. The cellophane was too thin, the mylar was okay but it was a hassle to cut. A couple of years ago a few henna artists decided to do an exchange of cone material and I participated, so I got material from several different people, including Henna Caravan, who sent me a number of sheets of floraphane. I really liked it a lot. Recently, I realized that I liked the cones rolled with HC's floraphane a lot more than cones I'd made with other materials and I came to the conclusion I should stop using other stuff and use this instead. Since I make small cones, I cut them on the diagonal and then they are just the right size for mini cones. It's just the right weight - not too thin, not too thick. I like that they have patterns but you can still see through. Since it's transparent, you can see what's going on with the paste but the patterns make it easier to find the edge of the paper when you're rolling. I'll often use one color for one batch and a different color for a different batch. I think from now on I'll just stick to this floraphane and stop messing with anything else.

    Alice S
    Aug 28th 2017

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    Floraphane Rectangles

    These are so cute! And they are all the same size! Consistently good quality and the price is great!

    Jun 26th 2017