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henna community


The Henna Caravan 'Golden Elephant' organizes fun stuff through out the year. Everyone interested in henna is welcome to join in the fun and games!

Holiday gift exchange, card swaps, and challenges through out the year. Sometimes there is a prize or thank you bonus. But mostly it's just old fashioned fun and community connections.


Valentines Hand-Made Card Swap



Deadline to sign up is Friday, December 5th at midnight pacific standard time.
Your giftee's info will be emailed to you on Monday, December 8th.
Gifts must be mailed by Monday, December 15th, 2014.

Got Questions? Email:

Rules - These Are Not Negotiable

If you are not ABSOLUTELY sure you will send a card, do not sign up.

  • - Hand Make a Valentines Day Card(s)! You can make 1 or more, but you gotta make one to get one in return!
  • - Deadline to sign up is February 5th, midnight pacific standard time.
  • - Deadline to mail your Valentines Card is February 10th, 2015. 
  • - Your Valeentine Card addresses will be Emailed on or around February 7th.

Suggestions & Guidelines

Suggested card size is 3x5 inch minimum(USD).Handmade awesomeness is great, thoughtfulness is required!

  • It is HIGHLY ENCOURAGED that when you send your card or recieve a card you share it on the HennaCaravan Facebook page OR share and tag us on Instagram. @hennacaravan #hennacaravan #goldenelephant
  • This allows everyone to check out all the fun and peak at everyone's cards!
  • Share photos or your prepping, crafting, thinking, mailing, recieving, whatever you'd like, have fun with it and share with all of us!
  • IIf it's a really teeny tiny card, make it a nice one! No need to scrimp here! Go big or go home! Get it? Got it? Awesome! Go make something!

The Fine Print: The organizers hold no liability whatsoever in any of this. By signing up, you acknowledge that you understand that you might put together a super-awesome thing and get nothing, or something you hate in return, and you are not going to take any kind of "action" (meaning the organizers are not going to receive any of the following: angry messages, letters from rabid lawyers, or calls from your mom/husband/wife/grandma). You also acknowledge that if you are so bold as to dare not to send a gift, you will be awarded the Golden Grinch Award. Believe me, you don't want to know the details.

Why do these swaps?? For fun! It's awesome to recieve real mail!

Henna Caravan artists are available for appointments and events in California and beyond
Photos appearing black were taken while the fresh henna paste was still on the skin
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