Hand Rolled Cone

Hand Rolled Cone

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Empty, hand-rolled cones with a closed tip- Henna Caravan's favorite!
Empty, hand-rolled cones with a closed tip- Henna Caravan's favorite!


Description & How to Use

Hand rolled applicator cones are the preference for most henna artisans. The soft sides require little pressure to create dynamic lines and natural swirls, and the soft tip allows for complex shading, stippling, and perfect dots! These cones are rolled closed for convenience and versatility, just like Henna Caravan artists love. Pair with rubber bands or 3m Scotch tape for the perfect closure, snip the tip, and start creating beautiful mehndi! If you're new to henna, a cone may take a bit of getting used to, but we promise that your hand will love it once you do.

Fill your cone with Henna Caravan paste or your own mix, and seal the end in your preferred fashion. We recommend using rubber bands, but a tape seal works well, too. When you are ready to use the cone, simply cut straight across the tip about 2 mm from the end. Test your cone opening to see how you like it, and trim a bit more if needed. We use fiskars school scissors, but nail clippers or straight sewing scissors work well too. 



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    hand rolled cones

    so wonderful especially for those of us having problems mastering this yet.

    Apr 16th 2018

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    I loved them

    Very nice cone...perfect size.

    Aug 25th 2017

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    hand rolled cone

    great product

    Natasha F.
    Jun 2nd 2017