Essential oils are the secret to rich and dark henna stains on even the hardest to stain areas. We have chosen our variety of essential oil terps based on their chemical make up and ability to combine with henna paste for optimal results safely. There are many types and grades of essential oils and only a few contain the proper chemical components and can be added safely and without irritation to your henna powder.

We also offer a range of fragrant essential oils to create your own unique blends. While these "scent oils" don't have an effect on the henna stain, they do create an incredible aromatherapy experience when combined with henna. 


Are your Essential Oils pure? How are they so affordable?

All the essential oils Henna Caravan stocks are certified pesticide free and many are wild crafted or organic. If you have shopped with popular essential oil companies you may notice that our prices are very low in comparison. We purchase only a few types of 100% pure, high grade essential oils in very large quantities direct from the manufacturer. This allows us to provide the highest quality essential oils at a very reasonable cost to our customers.