Every henna powder Henna Caravan stocks is a powder we use with our clients and family and trust to deliver rich, dark stains. As henna artists, we know that a great paste starts with excellent henna. We believe it is our obligation to our customers to maintain the highest quality of natural ingredients so we can all share in the beauty of natural henna. Every crop of henna is lab tested, and hand-tested by us to ensure it meets our exacting standards.

About Our Henna Powder

Follow the HC 'Kiss' recipe for best results with our beautiful, natural, henna powders. 

  • Jamila is known to be the finest-sifted henna powder available. Baby powder fine, triple sifted, passes easily through the tiniest tips of hand rolled cones. 
  • Our Maharani henna is from Rajasthan, India. Maharani Henna is gorgeous, with a superior sift and incredible color.
  • Henna powder is perishable and should be stored tightly sealed and protected from light and moisture. Henna Caravan stores our stock of henna powder in a climate controlled environment. Be confident you'll receive only the best quality product.