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Body Art Supplies
Create your own beautiful temporary
henna, glitter & mica body art!

Henna Caravan is dedicated to providing high quality henna body art kits and supplies. Our henna products contain only 100% natural henna, sugar, lemon juice, and essential oils (cajeput, orange sweet, wild orange or lavender). Our products are generally safe to use on children and during pregnancy, however a doctor should always be consulted if you have concerns. We NEVER use any black or colored chemical dyes or additives, PPD para-phenylenediamene, nut products, or preservatives.

If you have questions about our products or need advice on any aspect of the henna process, customer support is available via e-mail or phone during normal business hours.

Our How To page is a great first resource for any problems you may encounter.

henna supply sgop internationl shipping henna supplies learn how to henna

WHITE HENNA white henna

HennaGlam body art (White Henna)

  • Create "white henna" style, or a rainbow of colored temporary, henna style body art
  • FDA Compliant body safe ingredients
  • Water Resistant
  • Lasts 1-7 days

white henna, glitter tattoo, bling, gel

Product Options for "White Henna" body art and other colored fun

  • Choose the right product for your needs!
  • FDA Compliant body safe ingredients
  • Waterproof Options
  • Long lasting and short lasting options

fresh blue jagua henna blue tattoo body paint


Jagua Gel and Juice

  • Fresh Blue Jagua Gel
  • Fruit Based Natural Vegetable Dye
  • Lasts 1-3 weeks
  • Apply just like henna, wash off after 2 hours


learn to henna at henna con

October 12-15th, 2017

3 Day Immersion Henna Conference

Join us in Southern California October 12th-15th 2017 for a fabulous henna weekend of education, classes, practice, sharing and networking. Our 10th annual, 3-day henna workshop features 20+ world-class henna artists teaching and sharing their techniques.

glitter powder pump sparkle spray

NEW! Sparkle Spray, Glitter Pump, Powder Puffer

Whatever you call it they are awesome!

Easily apply glitter with just a little tap of your finger, the glitter gently puffs onto the henna paste.



Order by 9:00 AM PST, it ships same day by Noon PST

Out of time, last minute event, procrastinated? Need that order packed and shipped out ASAP? Can't wait for regular processing of 1-2 days? It's okay, we understand.

Add RUSH PROCESSING to your order and it'll be pushed to the head of the line, packed by Noon and hand delivered to the POST office to give you the best turn around time possible. Excluding weekends.

$25.00 Rush Procssing. Ships via USPS Express Mail, 2 days by 3PM guaranteed.

goat skin drum to henna

Goat skin drums take henna beautifully.

Enjoy the look with the textures of the henna paste, or remove the paste after it's been allowed to soak in for awhile to see the stain.

henna patterns designs tattoo

Pattern Books

A variety of pattern collections for beginning, intermediate and advanced henna artists.

Designed by henna aritsts to be flexible and easy to to use for the pro or beginner.  PDF by email or Laminated Hard Copy

henna business signs

Signs & Fliers
Support Materials for YOUR henna business

the freshest, darkest natural henna paste available!

Fresh Henna Paste

  • Henna Caravan Fresh Henna Paste is super fresh, incredibly smooth, and will never clog even in the smallest tip or tiniest cone.
  • Premixed Henna Paste is ready to use when it arrives at your door! Everything has been mixed and added for deep, dark henna stains safely.

We only use safe, natural ingredients. Fresh Paste contains natural red henna (Lawsonia inermis), lemon juice, sucrose, and essential oils (cajeput, orange, lemongrass, and/or lavender). Does not contain chemical dyes, PPD, preservatives or nut derivatives.

100 Grams Henna


Fresh Henna Powder

  • No clogging, no grit, no fillers or chemical dyes, just perfectly sifted, perfectly fresh natural henna.
  • Jamila is the finest sifted henna powder available. It is baby powder fine and easily passes through the tiniest tips of hand rolled cones. DARK rich stains every time!
essential oil terps for henna


Essential Oils

  • The key to deep dark henna stains, even on hard to stain backs and bellies!
  • Henna Caravan custom blended essential oils are chosen specifically for their ability to darken the henna stains safely and naturally.
  • Convenient pre-measured sizes
henna and indigo natural hair dye


Natural Hair Care
Premium Herbal Dyes

Henna, Indigo, Cassia, Amla
herbs for rich color and lush locks
  • Natural, safe, hair coloring! No chemicals, preservatives, additives or ammonia.
  • Just pure henna, indigo, and cassia leaves to color and condition your hair.
fresh all natural henna kits

Henna Kits

  • Everything you need to begin your henna journey! Convenient zippered pouches holds all your supplies and include an 8 page booklet of instructions!
  • All the tools and supplies you need to create beautiful and exotic henna patterns at home.
  • Includes fresh henna powder, essential oils, applicators, patterns and a variety of tools, tips and techniques.
henna seal aftercare tape


After Care Supplies

Henna Sealant, Medical Tape, and Aftercare Balm will keep your henna looking its best.

  • Proper sealing and aftercare results in the best and darkest henna stains possible
  • Henna Citrus Sealant and Medical Tape are FAST, EASY and SANITARY
  • Aftercare Balm helps stains look great and protects from bathing and swimming
jacquard applicator bottles

Applicator Bottles

  • Jacquard Applicators
  • Luer Lock Applicators
  • Very easy to use, great for beginners
henna cone tube mylar supplies

Hand Rolled Cones & Supplies

  • Mylar & Mylar Film, & Floraphane
  • Rubberbands and Tape
  • For precision patterns and precise control
acrylic plastic template practice hand foot

Acrylic Practice Hands and Feet

  • Excellent for practicing and perfecting your skills with henna paste. 
  • Draw, wipe off, repeat!
  • Natural henna does not stain the acrylic plastic and washesor scrapes off easily.
transfer paper for henna

Transfer Paper

  • Make your own stencils with reusable spirit paper transfers, great for beginners and advanced artists.
  • Create complicated celtic knots, symmetrical patterns, and logos easily
alcholol swabs for henna

Alcohol Swabs & other Prep Supplies

  • Cleanse skin of lotions, oils, or tanners before applying henna
  • Guarantee henna absorption
  • Sanitary and fast

henna rhinestone


  • Genuine Swarovski Crystals
  • 11 beautiful colors to capture light and add fire & shine to your henna patterns like real jewels. Amazing!!
  • Adhere to the skin with Acrylic Adhesive or Spirit Gum, lasts all day . Reuseable

henna and glitter

Glitter Powder

  • Use on top of your henna paste!
  • Cosmetic Glitter Powder adds sparkle and COLOR to your henna paste, pick your favorite colors and glam it up!
  • Our polyester glitters are micro cut providing the most sparkle and never clog or chunk up. Easy to use 'poof' applicator bottles
henna tattoo stencil

glitter tattoo frogstencils

Stencils for Glitter Tattoo or Henna

  • over 200 stencils to choose from
  • custom designs available
  • 3 part stencils for waterproof glitter tattoo OR henna and mica/colorini tattoos
glitter tattoo stencil glue supplies

Glitter Tattoo Adhesive & Supplies

  • Polyester Glitter Powders used with Acrylic Adhesive make WATERPROOF patterns that last from 1-7 days!!
  • Can be applied on their own or used to embellish henna patterns
  • Lots of colors!!! Bright and fun.
glitter gel bling for mehndi

Glitter Gel

  • Use to embellish henna paste or henna STAINS
  • Glitter Gels look like jewels on your mehendi! Popular with brides for extra sparkle and drama or to match outfit changes.
  • Wash off with soap and water, lasts 1 day
  • Our polyester glitters are micro cut providing the most sparkle and never clog or chunk up. Easy to use applicator bottles
gilding mica gel for henna colored body art

Mica Gilding Gel / HennaGlam Quick Wash

  • Natural Mica Mineral Powders are mixed with FDA approved cosmetic gel.
  • Creates the look of stained glass or cloisonne on your body!
  • Add rich color to henna paste or mehndi
  • Apply in a cone or bottle
  • Wash off with soap and water, lasts 1 day
mica tattoo face paint

Mica Tattoo & Mineral Body Art

  • Mica Tattoo: Mineral Mica Powder used with Acrylic Adhesive make WATERPROOF tattoos that last from 1-5 days!!
  • Mineral Body Art: Mica with Liquid Lacquer activator creates a face/body paint that can be used on the face, eyes, and lips and is NOT ITCHY. Lasts 1-2 days
  • FDA Approved Cosmetic
  • Lots of colors!!! Bright and fun. NO SPARKLE so this is a favorite with boys

Henna Tokens

Henna Payment Tokens

  • Printed NOT stickers! durable and easily cleaned
  • $ amount on one side, fun and colorful pattern on the back. Color coded for efficiency

henna temporary tattoo ink


  • Alcohol Based Body Paint
  • Use with stencils or paint on freehand
  • Completely covers existing tattoos &scars
  • WATERPROOF, lasts from 1-5 days!

Finally!!! A safe black option to create that Tattoo or Sudanese style henna.


Gift Certificates

Available in any denomination!

Fabulous stocking stuffers, great thank you gifts, handy birthday presents.

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