Music to Henna To!

OK! So we've wanted to do this for a really long time, and just never quite got around to it. People ask ALL the time "what kind of music do you like to play with customers?" 

The answer changes almost daily. Jessica and I both like to have music on when we're drawing, but we like to listen to totally different playlists. I have my iTunes playlists, Jessica has her Pandora stations, and now... HennaCaravan has our own Spotify lists!

We'll be curating some bomb playlists to help inspire your henna art. The first one we're playing with is all cover songs, and we love it. It reminds us of how henna artists work, recreating our favorite designs by our favorite artists, to make something new and awesome. 

If you need some inspiration, pop on this playlist and try your hand at your own "henna covers". 

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