New Certified Organic Henna and Essential Oils
New Certified Organic Henna and Essential Oils

Like most of you, we want to do the best for our bodies and our environment. Thankfully, henna is a very sturdy crop and we've been fortunate to be able to stock pesticide-free henna for many years now. But this month we've expanded our selection with a gorgeous, certified Organic henna powder. 

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Why Certified Organic? Certification is a promise to our customers that this crop has reached a high level of organic farming practices. This includes being grown on land that has not seen pesticide use for a number of years, distance from non-organic crops, and a pesticide-free environment from inception to completion.

We're fans of Organic because it doesn't just effect us. Pesticide use can have grave and long-lasting consequences to the field workers who grow, care for, and harvest our henna plants, and the women who work in the milling process. By reducing the use of pesticides and chemical fertilizers, we help maintain local environmental health as well as downstream environments, which can be disproportionately effected by farm-runoff accumulation.

EcoCert is an organization dedicated to promoting sustainable development throughout the world. Founded in 1991 in France, and now operating in over 80 countries, EcoCert is a leader in organic land management and a name we can trust when it comes to the complicated process of overseas organic certification.

We hope you love this additional option. Pair your EcoCert Maharani with our new line of certified organic essential oils for a fully Organic henna journey! 

We currently have USDA Organic Lavender essential oil, and will be adding new blends throughout the summer!

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