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AFTERCARE of Henna Stains
How to Maintain Your New Henna / Mehndi

Once you have unwrapped and removed the dry henna paste you will see an orange-yellow stain left on your skin. The stain will deepen into a richer reddish-brown tone over the next 48 hours.

The final color will depend your skin and body chemistry with darker colors appearing on the hands and feet. You should try to avoid contact with water as much as possible during the first 24 hours after paste removal as water can interrupt the oxidization and darkening processes of your henna stain.

These simple steps will protect your design and help it to look its best:
  • It is best to avoid water for the first day. If you need to wash the paste off your skin try using a bit of lemon juice or olive/corn oil to remove any residue instead of water for best results.
  • Rub your henna/mehndi with Henna Caravan After Care Balm or a natural vegetable oil before bathing or swimming to protect it from water. Corn, canola, or olive oil all work well. Avoid using any petroleum products such as baby oil or Vaseline as they will contribute to the demise of your stain.
  • Avoid excess rubbing of the area. Keep in mind that frequent washing, soaps, petroleum products (sunscreen, Vaseline, baby oil) and the rubbing of clothing and shoes on the design will cause your henna design to fade more quickly.
  • Avoid shaving over your henna/mehndi stain. Shaving removes layers of skin so you may want to shave around your mehndi or henna stain to keep it looking its best.

How to Remove the Henna Stain

Henna stains last on average 7-10 days, gradually fading comletely away. Some areas with thick or calloused skin may show portions of the stain for up to 2-6 weeks. There is no way to completely remove a fresh henna stain, but you can speed up the demise.

The henna dye molecule soaks into and stains the top layers of your skin cells. Everyday new skin cells move to the surface replacing older cells including those that are stained with your henna design. Unfortunately, you must wait for your bodies natural processes and normal wear and tear on your design for it to fade completely.

There are things you can do to speed along the demise of a henna stain:

  • soaking in the shower, bath, pool or jacuzzi
  • scrubbing or exfoliating the skin.
  • chlorine can help to remove the stain as well so a dip in the pool may speed up the fading process
  • whitening tooth paste scrubbed over the stain may help as well

Some chemical agents may remove some of the stain as well. These include hair straightener, contact solution, or a weak solution of bleach and water. These are very harsh on your skin and NOT RECOMMENDED as removal methods

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