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Interested in using natural amla, cassia, henna, or indigo to color your hair? Purchase fesh supplies HERE

hair care with amla and henna

Natural, pure amla is a wonderful safe, chemical free natural hair dye and conditioner. Amla is an excellent hair volumizer and curl enhancer. Use it for natural, organic facial scrubs and skin toner.

cassia for indigo and henna for hair

What it is

Amla, Emblica officinalis, also known as the Indian Gooseberry

Amla powder is from the dried and ground fruit of the Indian Gooseberry tree, Emblica Officinalis. Amla contains natural tannins, vitamin C, ascorbic acid, and acts as a natural astringent. Amla has been used for tanning and dying hides as well as a cosmetic and folk remedy. Amla grows in central and southern India, Burma, and Ceylon.

What it does

  • Amla is an excellent hair volumizer and curl enhancer, and facial scrub and toner.
    It will tone down the red and create a deeper, browner tone in henna or henna/indigo hair treatments.
  • Adds volume, enhances curl and texture to hair
  • Will not dye hair or skin
  • Is a facial scrub and Exfolitatant, tones skin, is a natgural astrigent
  • Use as often as you like for healthy hair, scalp, skin
  • Non drying
  • is considered safe for those with chemical sensitivities, doctor should be consulted if you have any concerns

How to use it:

Amla powder may be added to henna and indigo paste to tone down or cool down the reddish color and create a richer, deeper brown color on hair.

As a dye:

  • Go Cool Brown. Take the red down by adding amla to henna or indigo/henna for a cooler toned down reddish brown and deep brown colors naturally! It will add shine and boost curl as well.

  • Mix henna or henna/indigo according to the directions.
  • Add amla to the paste once it’s ready to be used
  • Apply the amla spiked henna or henna/indigo paste to dry or damp hair in sections, completely coating al the hair down to the roots
  • Wrap your hair in a shower cap or plastic wrap and allow to soak in for 1-6 hours
  • Rinse and shampoo to remove any residue
  • Repeat: Monthly for healthy, thick and shiny brown-black locks 

As a Facial Scrub:

  • Amla may also be used a facial scrub. The fruit seeds act as a natural aexfolient as they gently scrub the skin and astringent quality from the vitamin C and tannins will leave your skin fresh and vibrant. The seeds gently srub and exfoliate the skin while the vitaimin C nourishes.

  • Mix Mix Amla powder with hot water until it’s the consistency of yogurt, allow to soak for 10 minutes
  • Apply t o the skin and gently scrub to exfoliate skin cells
  • Rinse with fresh water for clean, fresh tight skin. 


Store Amla paste in the freezer
Store Amla powder in a cool dark location

What else you need to know

*We recommend you perform a strand test before using any of these recipes or products on your hair to be sure you like the color and result. 
Test the product on a small section of your hair or on hair harvested from your hair brush.

When using natural products please keep in mind that every product will react and color your hair uniquely. The result will be different and unique on everyone depending on hair type and condition. There are many ingredients and recipes to try, have fun experimenting!

What it looks like

Amla powder is a sandy brown colored gritty powder from the ground fruit of the tree and smells a bit like tea or a light woodsy scent.

History and Use

Amla has been used for centuries as a beauty and health regimen, in textiles and leather tanning, and in ayurvedic medicine. It has been used to treat dysentery, and aid the healing of snake bits and scorpion stings. The fruits are made into pickles and preserves.

How to Use Henna

Red, Auburn,
Strawberry Blonde
Hair Dye

How to Use Indigo

Black, Dark Brown,
Medium Brown Color
Hair Dye

How to Use Cassia

Brightens Blonde and Gray Color

How to Use Amla

Tones Down the red and shifts color to a cooler brown.
Facial/Body Scrub

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