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How to use Swarovski Rhinestones with Henna

rhinestones and henna   rhinestone henna
henna caravan rhinestones

When you must have the best! Add ultimate sparkle and glam to your henna!

Genuine Swarovski Crystals are faceted real crystals. They capture light and add fire & shine to your henna patterns like real jewels. Amazing!! Use Acrylic Adhesive, Spirit Gum, or Liquid New Skin to glue the Swarovsky Crystals to the skin. These won't melt, fall apart or breakdown like cheap plastic jewels.

clean skin before henna

1. Clean the skin

  • Clean the skin with an alcohol swab to remove any lotions or oils.
acrylic adhesive for rhinestones and henna

2. Apply a small drop of Acrylic Adhesive

  • Just a bit of adhesive, too much and it drips and will squish all over the jewel


henna caravan rhinestones

3. Choose your Swarovksi Crystal

rhinestones jewels applying to henna

4. Ready, Set

  • We recommend using candles to pick up the rhinestones! The wax candles are a bit tacky and will easily hold a rhinestone making accurate placement a breeze.
rhinestones and henna

5. Go

  • Pick up the crystal with the colored jewel side touching the candle. This way, when you apply it will facing up. (opposite of the photo!)
rhinestones and acrylic adhesive for henna

6. Using your handy candle applicator

  • Place the Swarovski Crystal in the desired location.
acrylic glue and rhinestones for henna

7. Apply the crystal

  • Gently touch to the glue and the rhinestone will stick on the glue.
henna caravan rhinestone

8. Allow to dry for a few moments

rhinestones and henna

9. Apply henna and more rhinestones


henna and rhinestones Rhinestones applied with Acrylic Adhesive generally last between 1 to 3 days if careful.

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