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How to Fill Henna Cones, Jacquard and Luer Applicators

  • How to fill henna Cones
  • How to fill Carrot Bags
  • How to fill Jacquard and Luer Applicator Bottles using Carrot Bags

Weights and Amounts and Tips

  • 1 Large cone = 1 to 1.5 ounces henna paste
  • 1/2 Ounce volume Jacquard bottle = 3/4 ounces weight of henna paste
  • 1 Large cone will last about one hour with a fast paced experienced artist
  • Storage: Henna Paste can be stored in cones or applicator bottles in the freezer, protected from light, heat and oxygen for 6-12 months. Carrot bags are not super sturdy and may not hold up to freezing.


fill henna cone

1. Gather your Supplies

fill henna cones

2. Using Henna Caravan Premixed Henna Paste:

Grasp your cone, making sure the inside if the cone is fully open

filling henna tubes

3. Squeeze the Henna Caravan Premixed Paste directly into the center of the cone

You can pour directly from the pouch into the cone with the easy spout cap. Try to keep the sides of the cone clean and the henna flowing into the center of the cone. This will make for a cleaner seal and will prevent the paste from clinging to the edge of the cone and collapsing - making a mess.

henna cones how to fill

4. Fill 1/2 to 2/3rds full

Filling to about 2/3rds will allow you to make a nice clean seal and can help limit explosions from the back.

This is 1-3 Tablespoons of henna paste depending on how large you roll your cones.

fill henna cone

5. Seal your cone with a rubber band (the Henna Caravan preferred method, though taping works well too)

Grasp the tail of the cone and pinch together the excess, empty mylar

fill henna cone

6. Pinch the empty tail tightly

Pinching the empty tail, slide your fingers down to the filled portion. Squeeze and twist the mylar. This makes a tightly sealed cone and limits leaks.

fill henna tube

7. Twist the tail

Twist the tail again to make 1 or 2 full twists above the filled portion to completely lock the cone closed

fill henna cones

8. Grab your baby rubber band

And seal the cone with the rubber band


filling henna applicator

9. Wrap the rubber band on several times

To ensure the cone is fully sealed and no henna will explode out the back while you draw

fill henna cone

10. Tighten your cone

Hold the tail in your left hand

With your right hand roll the rubber band all the way down until it nearly meets the the henna. This creates a full, tight cone which is easier to work with. A cone that is full of pressure and tight requires less squeezing.

fill henna cone

11. Tightly sealed cone

As you draw and use up the paste, periodically slide the rubber band down to keep the pressure full in the cone. If you notice your cone is limp and empty and hard to squeeze, try adjusting the pressure by sliding the rUbber band.

fill carrot bag henna

1. Mixing your own paste and using Carrot Bags

Gather your supplies: Henna Paste, Cones, Rubber bands, Tall Glass, Small glass or beer/soda Bottle

carrot bag filling henna

2. Open the Carrot Bag

And insert the tall glass, folding the top edge over the glass so it will stand up straight and not collapse.

fill carrot bag with henna

3. Pour in your Henna Paste

Fill up the Carrot Bag with your paste

henna carrot bag

4. We love chopsticks

to scrape all the henna paste from the mixing container into the carrot bags

henna carrot bag

5. Pull out the Carrot Bag

once you've filled it

fill henna carrot bag

6. Grasp the top of the Carrot Bag

Pinching the empty tail, slide your fingers down to the filled portion. Squeeze and twist the tail moving all the henna paste towards the tip of the cone

fill henna cone

7. Twist the tail

Twist the tail to make 1 or 2 full twists above the filled portion to completely lock the carrot bag closed

carrot bag henna paste

8. Close the carrot bag

Close the bag with a small rubber band or simply knot closed

carrot bag for henna

9. Snip your tip

Cut about 1/4 inch or less off the tip of the carrot bag

fill henna cone

10. Set up your empty cones

Using a narrow glass stand up your empty cones, depending on their size it will hold 5-8 cones. Arrange them so they are snug and will stand straight up without falling or slipping around.


fill henna cone

11. Arrange cones around a center

Cones arranged around a central cone like will usually stay in place well and not wiggle too much. (A beer bottle will hold 1 single cone well)


fill henna cone

12. Fill your cones with a carrot bag

Use a carrot bag of henna paste and begin to fill your cones. Fill the central cone first, it will help to anchor the cup. Insert the carrot bag straight into the cone and squeez, filling about 1/2 to 3/4's full.


fill henna cone

13. Fill all your cones

fill henna cone

14. Seal your cones following the steps above

To fill Jacquard or Luer Bottles use a carrot bag filled with henna paste.

Insert the carrot bag straight into the bottle as far down as possible.

Gently fill with henna paste. Try to keep the paste off the sides of the bottle for cleaner, easier filling.

Give the bottle a few gentle taps on the counter to settle the paste and top off.

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