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Using Transfer Paper for Stencils

henna transfer paper

You'll need just a few simple supplies to make your own stencils.

henna stencil

Start with the image you want to use. Make a xerox copy of the image the size you'd like.

Remove the interleaving tissue in the Spirit Paper Set.

Tape the image to the transfer paper so it doesn't slip around as you trace over the lines.

trace the henna stencil
Using a ball point pen or hard pencil trace the image. Press firmly to ensure you transfer the image through all the layers of paper.

henna stencil

When you have completed tracing the image, cut around the stenciled area.
henna transfer and deodorant

The skin needs to be moist for the stencil to transfer.

Using a gel based deororant such as speedstick, an alcohol swab or even a spray of water to moisten the skin.

place transfer on

Gently place the transfer on the skin in the desired location.

Rub the paper across the skin transfering the image from the paper onto the body.

Peel the paper off to reveal the image on the skin.

Transfers may be used several times.

stencil henna

The purple transfer is easy to follow. Just trace over the lines.
henna stencil
The completed pattern after following the stencil transfer.
henna stencil

Small details, bolder lines and additions to the design can be made easily once the initial design is applied.

This Thai mythological dog creature, "Loto" was applied in less than 30 minutes.

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