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Where does henna stain best?

These five photos were all taken of the same person to ensure accurate and consistent results. The henna paste was made using Jamila henna, lemon juice, and sugar with essential oils added to darken the color. The paste was left on the skin for 4 hours during a warm afternoon. The henna paste was removed and matured or darkened for 48 hours then photos were taken.

henna on feet stain dark

The top of the feet produce very rich and even stains that will look perfect for 10 days then begin to fade. The edges of the feet produce very dark, nearly black stains on occasion, that can take up to 3 to 6 weeks to fade entirely.

henna on ankles stains well


The ankles are a popular choice for bands or little flowers and produce nice even stains. Not as dark as the feet or hands, it still results in a lovely deep shade and long lasting stain.

henna on hands

Henna applied to the tops of the hands always gives wonderful dark results lasting 9-10 days and then fading away. Stains on the fingers and knuckles will be 1-2 shades darker than the center and last a bit longer. Moving up to the wrist and lower arm stains become distinctly lighter and fade more quickly. Don't forget about the palms, incredibly dark colors.

henna on arms

Henna applied to the upper arm remains fairly light, roughly half as dark as hands and feet. Arms never achieve a rich dark color and they fade more rapidly, maybe 7 days.

henna on back stains poorly

The lower back and shoulder or chest result in rather wimpy color. The designs will fade very quickly, 5-6 days. The skin in these areas is too thin to absorb much dye. To make matters worse, these areas are also rather oily wich can cause the stain to fade out in a hurry.

Natural henna will always leave a stain in the range of orange/red/brown, however, the exact shade can vary. Darkness varies with each person's body chemistry, the area of body chosen, and the length of time the paste remained in contact with the skin.

The longer the paste is in contact with the skin, the darker the color and the longer lasting it will be.
It will last the longest, 1-3 weeks, on thicker, dry skin such as hands and feet, and will fade more quickly, 3-7 days, on thinner skinned areas such as arms, chest, and back. As the skin exfoliates and regenerates mehndi will completely disappear.

Natural henna will never dye skin purple, pink, blue, or black. Black henna may have chemicals added that can blister and scar the skin as well as cause long term damage to your body. Any henna that dyes skin a color other than reddish-brown has chemicals added that are not clearly healthy or safe. Please use only safe and natural brown henna.

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