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Tape or Seal Henna Paste

20-30 minutes after the paste is applied the henna will lose its shine and be dry to the touch. Treat the area gently as the paste is fragile and has a tendency to flake off.
You have several options of how to treat the henna as it dries; bandage with medical tape, wrap with tissue and a layer of plastic wrap, or apply a coat of lemon and sugar to seal the paste to the skin.

Tape Henna paste after the design is applied for PERFECT STAINS

The wraps keep the area warm and creates slight perspiration on the skin to re-moisten the paste. Remember to keep the body warm by sitting near a fire or holding a heating pad to the area, heat makes a better stain.

This is the absolute best way to protect your design and keep small details in place perfectly while the dye soaks in over the next 6-8 hours. You must use medical paper tape as it is porous and allows air to circulate to the the paste allowing for the best results. This type of tape is hypo-allergenic and has a low tack so there is no pain when removing the wraps later.
tape henna paste

When the henna paste is dry to the touch and has lost its shine, carefully wrap the area with overlapping strips of medical tape in 2-3 inch pieces.

Press the tape directly over the henna paste. As long as the paste has had a chance to dry there is no risk of smearing or smudging your design. The tape will hold the henna precisely in place and prevent staining of carpet, bedding and clothing.

The tape holds every bit of paste precisely in place and is very sturdy, you can even put shoes or clothing on over the tape and go about your day without smearing or ruining the design. Remove after 6-12 hours, or overnight.
seal henna paste If desired, slide a sock or nylon over the tape to hold everything together and prevent the edges from peeling back or getting caught on clothing or bedding.
henna and tape After 6-8 hours remove the tape. Most of the paste will come off with the tape. Any remaining bits of paste may be removed by rubbing a bit of lemon juice or vegetable oil on the area. Avoid water for the first 24 hours for the best stain possible.

    Lemon and Sugar Sealant is perfect for bendy or soft parts of the body such as stomachs, backs, shoulders, and upper arms.

    To prevent the paste from drying out and flaking off too early use our easy Henna Caravan Citrus Sealant or mix 1 teaspoon sugar with 3 teaspoons lemon juice. Gently dab a bit of this solution on the design once or twice using a q-tip or cotton ball. This lemon sugar mixture will create a protective 'glue' between your skin and the henna. Be careful not to over saturate the paste as designs can run and bleed together. Apply juice 2-3 times. Flake off after 6-12 hours, or overnight.

  • Tissue and Plastic Wrap for hands, wrists, arms, feet, and legs

  • Carefully wrap the dry paste with a piece of tissue and secure it firmly with a piece of tape. Wrap the tissue with one layer of plastic wrap or slide a sock on over the tissue to hold everything together. Remove after 6-12 hours, or overnight

Leave the paste on your skin for as long as possible. We recommend 6-12 hours. The longer the henna paste is in contact with your body the more dye is able to saturate into the skin resulting in a deeper and longer lasting color.

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