Luer Lock Bottle 1/2 oz

Luer Lock Bottle 1/2 oz

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Half ounce bottle with luer lock cap.


Description & How to Use

This half-ounce size is the softest available in this size and holds up to rigorous use. We recommend this size for artists who are new to henna or who don't yet want to try cones. The half ounce size is measured by volume, but generally holds about 3/4 ounce of henna paste. Also ideal for HennaGlam(tm), jagua, and acrylic adhesive.

Fill your bottle with fresh henna paste (or other safe body art product), and gently tap down to make sure all air bubbles are out. Firmly screw the luer cap onto the top. Gently twist your luer lock tip into place and start creating!



(No reviews yet) Write a Review