Henna Caravan



With a Bachelors Degree in Fine Arts from California College of Arts, Jessica founded Henna Caravan in 1997. She creates beautiful custom designs inspired by the art of the African and European continents and focuses on bridal/wedding mehndi and henna during pregnancy.

During the week Jessica manages the Product and Sales portion of Henna Caravan.


A vivacious and silly henna artist, Carissa has been honing her skills since 1999 and creates lovely, tiny, tight patterns for those wanting a more delicate touch. Carissa recently completed her Masters Degree in Children’s Literature in London, was a competitive Irish step dancer and musician-singer who has lots of energy to keep the henna flowing at your special events. She is fantastic with children and enjoys intimate events where she can pamper your guests and chat about henna and its history.

Carissa has joined us full time and operates the business details of Henna Caravan product and supply as well as HennaCon, our 3 day Henna Workshop.


Flavia is Henna Caravan’s fantastic manager! She offers superior site management and crowd organization. She patiently explains every aspect of the henna process, keeps guests engaged, takes care of prep and aftercare and makes sure every guest leaves happy. She’s also the amazing mama of Jessica and Carissa!

Lulu and Fanny

This is a family business, and what’s a family without the fur babies!

Lulu our sweet pittie spends her time shredding important documents, romping in the garden and swimming with the fish in the koi pond.

Fanny, the littlest, guards our packages from our mail carrier and keeps an eye on the door! The pups are indispensable members or our Henna Caravan Team and keep us laughing.

Otto sadly left us last summer, but we still think of him with every fresh henna import. His favorite past-time was to help us recycle all the boxes from India!

Thank you for considering Henna Caravan for you special event! We hope to see you soon!


Henna Caravan Artists

Henna Caravan is a family business. Our personalized designs are hand drawn allowing us to create something unique for everyone. From traditional, to fanciful, to contemporary, our designs allow you to express yourself. We can accommodate any size event from the most discerning corporate affair to the small and intimate party in your home.