Henna Caravan

Henna knows no borders. It bridges the gap between culture, religion and beliefs to bring people together over art. For those looking to commemorate a special occasion, mark a defining season in life, or simply celebrate their natural beauty, Henna Caravan provides a stylish way to embrace these moments. 
As Southern California’s premier henna body art company since 1997, Henna Caravan strives to tailor every event to each client’s needs. With an established network of experienced artists, we can accommodate any size event from the most discerning corporate affair to the small and intimate party in your home, public events with attendance over 100,000 or individual appointments at our Camarillo studio. 

Parties begin at $85.00 for 10-15 guests. 
Maternity Henna appointments begin at $130 (1.5 hours)
Bridal Henna appointments begin at $255 (3 hours)

Party favors, Special Costumes, Decorations, and Educational workshops are available. Details and pricing by request

Henna Caravan carries entertainers insurance. Certificate of Additional insured is available at no charge upon request.

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Corporate Special Events
Henna Caravan often works with Corporate clients. We will work with you to disseminate promotional materials and “give-aways” while creating custom henna patterns or designs to complement your branding! 
Want us to henna or provide glitter tattoos with your brand image or logo on guests? No problem! We can even create a custom set of patterns to enhance your campaign.
We are happy to work with you on uniforms as well. Promotions for clothing companies, liquor, clubs, weekend retreats... we've got you covered. Just let us know your needs and we'll put a package together for your event. We strive to be an all inclusive service, all you provide is the space and the clients!
Fundraisers & Non-Profit Special Events
Fundraisers are booked at our hourly rates. We will then collect fees on your behalf from each customer we henna, turning the cash over to your organization at the end of the event.
Henna Caravan supports local charities, with proof of 501(c)3 status, providing services free of charge at four local events per year at our discretion. 
Please understand this is our business and how we support ourselves. We are inundated with requests to donate services free of charge ~ please understand we would love to support everyone interested in bringing henna to their event, we may suggest a fundraising or hourly option.

Henna Caravan artists have worked with hundreds of organizations including:Hire.htmlshapeimage_1_link_0


Allow 5-10 minutes per guest for small to medium patterns

Allow 10-30+ minutes for larger or traditional patterns

Bridal henna takes from 3-8 hours, multiple artists recommended.

Pregnancy belly henna takes 1 - 2 hours

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Private Appointments

Birthday & Bar Mitzvah Weddings & Sangeets

Baby Showers

Corporate Events

Promo Events

School Dances

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Wrap Parties

Film, Print or Video

Festivals & Parties!


We use only the freshest and safest products available to custom mix our henna paste. We use 100% natural red-brown henna hand-blended with lemon juice and enhanced with fragrant essential oil to achieve our elegant and richly colored henna stains that fade away naturally. We never use any chemical additives, nut products or PPD.