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About Henna Caravan
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Henna Caravan Supplies grew out of a love of beauty, a passion for art, and a desire to create a quality henna experience for everyone.

Henna Caravan was founded in 1997 by Jessica McQueen. As her interest in henna expanded so did the need for a reliable supply of fresh high quality henna powders and supplies. Dissatisfied with the products and kits that were available she set out to research and locate the best henna powders, create superior essential oil combinations, test tools, techniques and application methods to share with her team of artists and customers.

Henna Caravan's goal is to formulate perfect, luxurious henna pastes, intoxicating essential oil blends and scents. Every time you use our handcrafted products be assured they are made of the highest quality ingredients available. Our products are crafted with a great deal of love and mindful attention. The products look beautiful and smell wonderful but most importantly, they will give you the best results possible. As working artists we understand the uncompromising need for exceptional products every time you reach out to decorate a client and share your artistry.

A personal message from the founder of Henna Caravan

I began my henna journey while in college pursuing a degree in Fine Arts. As peoples interest in henna grew I needed another pair of hands and my sister Carissa began applying henna with me. Soon our mom, Flavia joined us at events managing crowds and assisting customers or booking events. My cousin Christina would often tag along with us to festivals and hang out with the 'big girls'. Soon Christina was helping to run our booth and counting back change to customers, she was just 10 years old at the time!

This has become a full time family business and has allowed us many special experiences and opportunities together! Many friends and family who were the first to let me experiment with henna on them now work side-by-side with me in our ever-expanding California henna company.

I hope that our customers receive as much joy from henna as it has brought to my life!
Jessica McQueen


Meet our Team

We have a large team of artists for events, but the supply store is managed by just 3 of us, please be patient with us! We strive to provide the best service possible and still maintain the personal hands on feeling that has been our hallmark since we began our henna journey.

We’re a small, dedicated team who like to make people happy sharing the love of henna and offering fabulous products. We work tirelessly, but our work is fun.

Founder, Artist, Director of Retail Product and Sales

Jessica lives and breathes henna! She designs and maintains the web site, writes the newsletter, responds to as many emails as humanly possible, phone inquiries and manages the shipping of products. In between the day to day tasks of running the retail business she manages the Henna Caravan Artist side of the company. She handles artist bookings, schedules and festivals as well as creating and researching new patterns and custom designs.


Manager of Retail Product and Sales and Events, Special Projects, Research and Development

Flavia oversees the mail order/shipping of Retail Product and Sales and is the Product Research and Development. (this means she comes up with fun new ideas and products while carefully wrapping your order- if you got a little extra freebie or sample in your order, that was Flavia!) She's usually the person you'll talk to when placing a phone order. She juggles everything for everybody and makes sure everyone gets the help they need. She is Jessica's super mom!

henna artist los angeles carrie

Designer, Artist

Carrie creates all of the Henna Caravan packaging and design. She is the girl behind our new fantastically fun and colorful labels and coming series of Fun $5 Pattern Books! She overseas our annual plan, web presence and most importantly is Jessica's baby sister and shoe shopping buddy.

Shipping Monkeys

We have a rotating team that manages our stock and keeps an eye on inventory. We are rarely 'out of stock' of any item, this means no delays for our customers. Orders are hand packed, double checked and go out daily.

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