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Henna Applicator Tools
Cones, Jacquard Bottles, Luer Lock Bottles

 henna tattoo applicator bottle cone tube tip jacquard

There are many wonderful tools that can be used to apply henna. Try out a few and see what works best for you! Every artist has a preference, what's yours?

  • Jacquard Bottles are small and extremely sturdy, we have some over 8 years old, they hold up very well. Applicator Tips are stainless steel and give a beautiful line in 3 sizes, these are long lasting!
  • Luer Lock Bottles are light weight and come in 2 larger sized bottles. There are 2 different styles of tips, a needle or syringe type tip (similar to the syringe style used in Morocco) and a plastic taper tip. There is a large variety of sizes, great for many styles of henna work.
  • Cones are soft applicators and many professional artists preference. Buy a few pre-rolled or pick up some mylar or floraphane and roll your own cones
  • Carrot Bags / Storage Bags are handy to store extra henna paste or use to fill up your applicator
  • Need lots of tips and bottles? Check out our Bulk & Wholesale prices

henna rubberband :

Jacquard Bottles and Tips

  • Jacquard plastic bottles and stainless steel applicator tips are the easiest tool to master when learning how to henna.
  • Extremely easy to control. Achieve a variety of line qualities quickly with the different tip sizes.
  • Jacquard applicators hold up to rigorous use, clean with soap and water.
  • Jacquard bottle and tips are guaranteed not to clog if used in conjunction with our henna Jamila henna. Other henna brands may need sifting to prevent clogging.
  • New plugs as of 2007. These are longer, the tip does not sit flush to the bottle. Just gently screw the tip to the plug, Do NOT cut the plug shorter.
  • NOT compatible with Luer products
  • Half ounce by volume bottle, holds about 3/4 ounces henna paste by weight
henna applicator jacquard bottles tips

Full Set of Jacquard Applicators

  • 3 applicator bottles
  • 3 applicator tips (.5mm, .7mm, .9mm)
henna applicator bottle jacquard tip

Half Set of Jacquard Applicators

  • 1 applicator bottle
  • 3 applicator tips (.5mm, .7mm, .9mm)
jacquard henna applicator bottle tip jac

Jacquard Applicator Tips

Stainless steel applicator tips attach to Jacquard plastic bottles for a perfect and extremely even line of henna every time.

$2.75 each
henna jacquard applicator

Jacquard Applicator Bottle

  • 1 applicator bottle
  • holds approximately 3/4 ounce paste


Luer Lock Bottles and Tips

  • Luer Lock bottles and the click in plastic and stainless steel tips offer a wide variety of sizes for your comfort.
  • The Luer bottles and Luer tips are interchangeable, mix and match your bottles and tips with ease.
  • Luer Lock bottles are a bit softer and larger than Jacquard bottles
  • Available in 2 sizes. Enjoy the ease of bottles with more flexibility in sizes - this is a great tool
  • NOT compatible with Jacquard
  • 1 ounce by volume bottle holds about 1 and 3/4 ounces henna paste by weight
  • 2 ounce by volume bottle holds about 3 ounces henna paste by weight

henna applicator bottle luer lock

  • 1 half ounce bottle
  • 1 one ounce bottle
  • 1 two ounce bottle
  • 6 stainless steel applicator tips gauges:
    22, 21, 20,19 ,18, 17
  • 3 plastic tips gauges # 20, 18, 16
henna luer lock applicator bottle

Luer Lock Bottles are VERY soft and easy to use. The caps, tips, and bottles are all interchangeable.

$1.99 1/2 Ounce volume (holds approximately 3/4 ounce henna paste)

luer lock henna applicator bottle body art

$1.99 1 Ounce volume (holds approximately 1 3/4 ounce henna paste)

henna luer lock applicator bottle  large

$1.99 2 Ounce volume


henna applicator tips luer lock

Plastic tapered tips click into the Luer Lock Bottles

$1.50 each
luer lock henna applicator tips

Stainless steel tips mounted to plastic that click into the Luer Lock Bottles.

$1.60 each



cones to draw body art

Applicator Cones, Carrot Bags, Precut Mylar Paper

  • Hand rolled applicator cones are the artist's tool of choice.
  • Cones take a bit of getting used to but are well worth the extra effort. Once you're comfortable holding a cone you can henna for hours and hours on end without hand cramps or excess stress on delicate tendons in the wrist.
  • Hand rolled cones create the teeniest, tiny lines of henna paste. You can vary the width of the line by squeezing harder and moving the cone more slowly or by cutting a bit off the tip.

henna cone floraphane supplies

henna cone floraphane supplies

Precut Floraphane

  • Roll your own cones with precut floraphane
  • Cut from clear paper with printed patterns so the paste is visible
  • We recommend only Scotch Brand Red Plaid tape for making cones
  • Click here for directions on rolling cones
100 pieces Floraphane $20.00

25 pieces Floraphane $5.00

henna cone empty

Hand Rolled Cones

  • For the most precise control and tiniest lines of henna.
  • Easiest on your wrist and hand

$1.00 each, Hand Rolled Cone



tape to seal henna cones

Tape for Rolling & Sealing Cones

Not all tape is created equal, in fact 3m makes 400 kinds of tape so it's no wonder we were able to find a product that meets the demanding needs of hand rolled cones.

  • This tape will hold up to all day use, freezing, defrosting, and withstand the essential oils.

$2.82 roll

rubberbands for henna cones

Rubberbands for Closing Cones

  • 100 tiny rubberbands for closing off the end of cones
  • Rubberbands greatly reduce leaks and explosions.
  • Gently roll the rubberband down the cone as it empties. contains latex.

henna cones rolled open

Hand Rolled OPEN Cones

  • Rolled OPEN around a pin so you don't have to cut the tip open
  • For the most precise control and tiniest lines of henna.
  • Easiest on your wrist and hand

Henna Cones, rolled OPEN
roll floraphane mylar henna applicator cone

Roll of Floraphane

  • Make over 750 cones!
  • Create your own custom sizes or shapes
  • Cut to your preference
  • Be prepared for the busy henna season
  • Clear with colored pattern
$15.00 Roll of Floraphane
24 inches x 100 feet
henna supplier
carrot bag storage henna cone

Empty Applicator or Storage Bags, aka Carrot Bags

  • Use to easily fill your applicators
  • Great for paste storage. Premix your paste, fill the bag and store in the freezer
  • The 'carrot bag' factory has burned down but we like these too - nice and sturdy.
heat sealed reuseable henna cone

Re-useable heat sealed henna applicator cones

  • Sold in a 5 pack. The seals will fail over time so it's nice to have a back up!
  • Reusable and long lasting
  • Hand-made by henna artist Antoinette Hippe. She has used heat sealed cones for over a decade in her business and has perfected these handy recyclable tools.

*By request we can send these first class mail for $0.75 if it is the only item you are ordering.

express mail upgrade

Express Shipping Upgrade 1-2 days in transit

Fees are between $18-$25 for small orders. You will receive an invoice if there is an amount due.

Express US Postal Service:

  • 2 days in Transit
  • Guaranteed by 3 PM on 2nd day in transit
  • Signature Required
  • Includes online Tracking
  • Recommended for perishable pre mixed henna paste
henna cones fresh natural

rotary cutter for henna cones


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