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HennaGlam Quick-Wash™

(also known as "White Henna" or "Gilding Gel")

For Temporary, Colored, Henna Style Body Art white henna glam quick wash body paint

We would like to honor the history of mehndi and henna style body artwork, so at Henna Caravan we've chosen the name 'HennaGlam' for our body art products that can be applied in a henna style but using body paints and adhesives in a variety of colors. These products don't stain the skin but can last several days and are made of FDA compliant body art and cosmetic products.


What is HennaGlam QUICK-WASH™ ? (also called Gilding Gel)

  • HennaGlam Quick-Wash is our solution to the "white henna" craze
  • Same consistency as henna paste
  • It washes off easily
  • Allows for wudu, so our Mulsimmah clients can enjoy the look of White Henna Glam but without the longevity
  • It's available in white, and other colors!
  • Washes off easily with water
  • Lasts 1-2 days or until wet
  • Non Staining
  • There is no such thing as "White Henna", the henna plant only creates a reddish colored dye/stain.
  • "White Henna' look can be achieved with a variety of body art products, depending on the look and longevity you desire there are many options: HennaGlam, ProsAide Adhesive Creamor Liquid with glitter or mica on top, Glitter Gels, Mica Gilding Gel, Colorini, Temptu, Alcohol Body Paints or Face Paints.

What is HennaGlam QUICK-WASH™ made of?

  • HennaGlam QUICK WASH is created from ingredients approved by the FDA for skin and cosmetict use
  • Hair Gel, yup simple, straight forward, and safe
  • Mica and Mineral Pigments

How does HennaGlam QUICK-WASH™ work?

  • Fingers will wear away first as they are wiggle all day long, legs, thighs, shoulders, arms last the longest
  • Same consistency as henna paste! Draw and allow to dry.
  • Dries smooth and soft to the touch, very comfortable on your skin
  • Use to decorate henna paste, henna stains, face/body paint or just on skin for a dramatic pop of color!
  • Great for adding a bit of bling to facepaint or bodypaint

How do you apply HennaGlam QUICK-WASH™ ?

  • In a CONE!
  • Just like henna!
  • Cut your cone tip, squeeze and draw
  • Allow to dry, takes about 30 minutes

What is White Henna?

  • WHITE HENNA does NOT exist
  • But you've seen photos for the last year all over pinterest and instagram?! YES, you have. Those photos are usually of LOTION applied in a cone. Or, of face/body paint applied in a cone. They make for super pretty photos but it washes right off.
  • Looking for a WHITE or COLORED STAIN? NOPE, not possible to create stains on skin safely with any other product than henna. Really, truly. The colored, imported fake henna and emergency cones made in India/Pakistan, etc are filled with toxic industrial and food dyes that are not approved for use on skin and are in super high and unsafe concentrations.
  • What can be used??? FDA compiant body paint productsthat are approved for skin. They don't stain, but they are safe. That's a good trade off, right?! Henna Caravan's HennaGlam is a body art product made of only skin safe FDA approved ingredients. And we will have a rainbow of color choices, not just white!

Why do people call it White Henna, if White Henna doesn't exist?

  • It was just an unfortunate misunderstanding
  • People saw white lotion used for henna practice on social media and just called it 'white henna'
  • Then people made assumptions that it was white henna and that it could stain and that it should last 1-2 weeks.
  • All based on misinformation
  • There are safe body art products that can be used to replicate the look of henna and that's what we are using, but it's not henna, it's not a stain or dye. It sits on top of the skin and does not soak in.
  • Henna style patterns on the body... people don't know what to call it, so white henna is what we got stuck with.
  • We would like to honor the history of mehndi and henna style body artwork, so at Henna Caravan we've chosen the name 'HennaGlam' for our body art products that can be applied in a henna style.

How to Store HennaGlam QUICK-WASH™ :

  • Protect from air, keep cone sealed when not in use. You don't want it to dry out
  • Store in a cupboard or on the counter, at room temperature

gilding gel henna body art face paint

white henna glam quick wash wudu

WHITE - $5 cone Henna Glam Quick-Wash
Arctic Lily, Pearlescent soft white - $5 cone Henna Glam Quick-Wash

gilding gel white henna colored henna

Gold - $5 cone Henna Glam Quick-Wash
Black - $5 cone Henna Glam Quick-Wash


VIOLET - $5 cone Henna Glam Quick-Wash
Raspberry - $5 cone Henna Glam Quick-Wash
Lavender - $5 cone Henna Glam Quick-Wash
Peacock - $5 cone Henna Glam Quick-Wash
Turkish Blue - $5 cone Henna Glam Quick-Wash

Aquamarine - $5 cone Henna Glam Quick-Wash

Persian Lime - $5 cone Henna Glam Quick-Wash
Tangerine - $5 cone Henna Glam Quick-Wash
Emerald - $5 cone Henna Glam Quick-Wash
Pink - $5 cone Henna Glam Quick-Wash
Yellow - $5 cone Henna Glam Quick-Wash
Rose - $5 cone Henna Glam Quick-Wash

gilding gel white henna colored henna

Flourescent Pink - $5 cone Henna Glam Quick-Wash

Henna Glam Quick-Wash (Gilding Gel) Kit $20.0

henna gild glitter kit

Choose Color Set

'SUNSET' colors


white henna glam quick wash sunset

'OCEAN' colors


white henna glam quick wash ocean

'VOO-DOO' colors

Viper Black

white henna glam quick wash black

'CARNIVALE' colors

Flourescent Sherbet
Flourescent Rio
Flourescent Cobalt
Flourescent Starlette

white henna glam quick wash pink

How To:

  • Pour 1/4 ounce gel in mixing cup
  • Mix and blend your mica powders to create your perfect color!
  • Add 1/4 teaspoon mica powder to gel
  • Mix well
  • You may add a pinch of glitter powder for a bit of sparkle
  • Put gilding gel in cone and seal well
  • Adorn! Henna, Face Paint, Body Paint
  • Dries in 30 minutes, soft, flexible, washes off with soap and water

Create unique shades and custom colors by blending your own mica powders into Gilding Gel for your henna or face and body painting.

  • 1 ounce of gel
  • 4 Colors of Mica Powder pots
  • 4 Cosmetic Spoons
  • 4 Applicator Cones
  • Mixing Cup
*mica is packed in 10 gram pots by volume with a shaker top and lid, hold 3 grams by weight.

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