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glitter gel bling for face paint and henna 

Cosmetic polyester super fine micro glitter, .008 hex in size makes a delicate sparkle with brilliant shine! This is not the chunky glitter available in the drugstores. Henna Caravan Glitter Gel contains polyester glitter and FDA approved cosmetic gel.

Henna Caravan glitters are packed in plastic 'pouf' bottles with a screw on cap for travelling and an applicator tip for easy application. Add fabulous sparkle with cosmetic glitter gel. Our polyester glitters are micro cut so they won't clog the tips.
While shopping for glitters please remember that you should only use cosmetic grade polyester glitter powder for body arts.


  • Glitter Gel Tutorial Embellish the henna paste or the henna stain to add color and sparkle for the day or until washed off with soap and water

Opaque Glitter Colors

rich, bright, and vivid

gives solid coverage



Holographic Glitter Colors

sheer, subtle, elegant

color shifting

Fluoresce under Black Light:

Monsoon Bloom = Bright Orange
Czarina = Deep Reddish Orange
Persian Lime = Bright Lime Green
Sherbet = Dayglo Orange
= Dayglo Yellow
Starlett = Dayglo Pink

Glitter Gel

glitter gel henna


GEL Glitter Kit
6 colors in 1/2 ounce bottles
Packaged in a handy vinyl zipper bag for travel
Use with henna or alone, lasts all day
save 12%

henna paypal $21.00
glitter gel hennahenna artist light

cosmetic polyester gitter bulk wholesale


I Want it All!
27 Glitter GEL colors
save 20%


glitter poof puff bottle

for applying glitter powder, gels or adhesives. Half ounce by volume

adjust quantity in cart
cosmetic glitter for henna tattoo

Large Glitter Gel Set
6 colors, 3 ounce containers save 17%

henna paypal $59.00
henna artist light



Glitter Gel: Holographic Translucent

Subtle with rainbow holographic flecks
Great poofed on henna paste, gel and glitter tattoos

glitter henna tattoo gold glitter for henna
Gold Holographic Glitter Gel

Subtle princess adornment in gel

The powder is amazingly sparkly on the paste and GREAT for guys and gals!
Great poofed on henna paste and glitter gel

glitter tattoo henna glitter tattoo fel
Diamond Holographic Glitter Gel

Subtle light purple with rainbow holographic flecks. Great poofed on henna paste, gel and glitter tattoos

glitter henna tattoo glitter gel body paint
Amethyst Holographic Glitter Gel

Our new favorite! Rich midnight blue with amazing flashes of holographic color.

henna glitter peacock 
Peacock Holographic Glitter Gel

Amazingly feminine bright sparkly pink. Powder has super sparkles that shift from pink to blue. Amazing!

glitter polyester henna  glitter gel pink with henna
Pink Holographic Glitter Gel

Incredible clear yellow holographic that flashes in the sun. Fabulous for guys and gals!

henna glitter yellow glitter gel henna

Yellow Holographic Glitter Gel


Incredible clear lime green holographic that flashes in the sun. Fabulous for guys and gals!

Amazing in glitter gel - very bright. Glitter powder is very soft and sparkly!

henna glitter bling body paint glitter gel

Persian Lime Holographic
Glitter Gel: Opaque Colors

Very vivid and bright yellowy-gold

glitter gold glitter gel tattoo
Brilliant Gold Glitter Gel

Compliments henna stains well

glitter for henna tattoo glitter gel body art
Copper Glitter Gel

Rich deep color, not quite black, so it catches the sunlight and has some sparkle

glitter henna tattoo  glitter gel body art
Gun Metal Glitter Gel

Rich deep solid black, with some sparkle

black glitter
Black Viper Glitter Gel
Opaque white with a bit of extra sparkles. Perfect for glitter gel for facepaining jewels! white glitter henna facepaint
Arctic Lily Glitter Gel

Vivid and bright

lime green  glitter gel bling henna
Emerald Glitter Gel
  green glitter wholesale henna face paint
Mojito Glitter Gel

Our deepest and richest blue, like a stormy night
Vivid and deep

glitter wholesale blue liquid bling blue
Storm Glitter Gel

Our brightest blue
Vivid and bright

glitter turkish blue  henna gel glitter bling
Turkish Blue Glitter Gel

Rich, bright, summer pool blue

blue glitterglitter gel henna
Aquamarine Glitter Gel

This is a really pretty color, not quite purple, not quite blue. Rich and deep

Concord Glitter Gel

Very rich deep, dark, purple
Gel is stunning

glitter for henna tattoo  henna glitter gel
Violet Glitter Gel

Beautiful clear light purple

glitter amethyst   glitter gel body art
Amethyst Glitter Gel

Rich deep brown, catches the sunlight and has some sparkle

brown glitter glitter henna brown

Tahitian Cocoa Glitter Gel
Muted and rich, deep dark purple fig color.
glitter powder wholesale fig purple
Tahitian Cocoa Glitter Gel

Muted and rich spicey orange

orange glitter
Paprika Glitter Gel

Our exclusive custom blended Phoenix glitter has reds, golds, and holographic fire like a real phoenix!

glitter henna
Phoenix Glitter Gel

Vivid bright red


glitter garnet red  glitter gel tattoo
Ruby Glitter Gel
  pink glitter facepaint henna
Monsoon Bloom Glitter Gel
  pink glitter henna bodypaint
Czarina Glitter Gel

Super bright and flashy. Rich vivid color

glitter tattoo henna  pink glitter henna
Fuschia Glitter Gel

* Color swatches are approximate and may appear different as computer monitors vary. Please use the color swatches as a guidline only.

Please review the Customer Service Information before placing your order
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