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fresh natural organic henna powder

  • Henna Caravan uses Jamila henna exclusively in our products and on our clients.
  • Follow the HC 'Kiss' recipe for best results our beautiful, natural, henna powders
  • Jamila is known to be the finest sifted henna powder currently available. Baby powder fine, triple sifted, passes easily through the tiniest tips of hand rolled cones.
  • Our Maharani henna is from Rajasthan, Henna and is gorgeous, with a superior sift and incredible color.
  • No clogging, no grit, no fillers or chemical dyes. Just perfectly sifted, perfectly fresh henna! If you've been stopped in your tracks by little bits of fiber and leaf Jamila is the answer.
  • Henna powder is perishable and should be stored tightly sealed and protected from light and moisture. Henna Caravan stores our stock of henna powder in a climate controlled environment. Be confident you'll receive only the best quality product.
  • We want you to feel comfortable when shopping with us and we believe it is our obligation to customers to maintain the highest quality natural ingredients and to provide the highest calibre service possible.

bulk henna and oil kit natural powder

NEW! Buy more and SAVE. Stock up with this handy combo of 8 boxes (800 grams) of your choice of henna powder and 8 ounces of Aegean Dream Cajeput Blend of essential oils.


henna powder samples pack

Five varieties of henna for you to sample and experiment with. These henna varieties all have slightly different characteristics, try and compare and learn what works best for you.

  • 20 grams Nomad Henna, Henna Caravans custom blend of Indian and Pakistani henna 2014 crop
  • 20 grams Jamila Pakistani Henna 2012 crop
  • 20 grams Jamila Pakistani Henna 2013 crop
  • 20 grams Jamila Pakistani Henna 2014 crop
  • 20 grams Maharani Rajasthan Henna 2014 crop, organic

All the measurements have been done for you! Mix 1.5 teaspoons of Aegean Dream essential oil, 1.5+/- teaspoons sugar, with 20 grams henna powder and 1/4 cup lemon juice, allow to sit at 75 degrees for 24 hours. Follow our KISS Recipe for excellent results, everytime! *We turn over stock frequently, we may substitute if we are out of an item.

5 Henna Samples, 20 grams each

jamila henna powder pakistan super fine

Jamila Henna Powder, 100 grams
Body Art Quality. Jamila is harvested in June

  • Triple sifted, super fine, 100% natural
  • Double wrapped in foil packets
  • use 1 ounce essential oils for best results
  • Follow the HC 'Kiss' recipe for best results with this beautiful powder
  • Stock up and save on shipping

2016 Jamila is the Freshest on the market! It was harvested and processed in June/July 2016. Rich deep tones, ultra smooth paste with a bit of stringiness and a bounce - excellent for draping lines.

2016 Jamila Henna Powder, Pakistan, 100 grams

fresh natural jamila henna powder

jamila fresh natural henna powder


henna powder maharani raj rajasthan

Maharani Henna Powder™ from Rajasthan, current crop,
100 grams, Body Art Quality. Raj is harvested in October

This crop is very CREAMY

Amazing Indian Body Art Quality Henna. This creates some of the darkest henna stains I've EVER seen! This regions harvests in October and we have in stock the most recent harvests.

  • Smooth and creamy. Slightly stringy, sticky, SUPER Dark!
  • Organic
  • Triple sifted, super fine, 100% natural
  • Double wrapped in foil packets
  • use 1 ounce essential oils for best results
  • Follow the HC 'Kiss' recipe for best results with this beautiful powder
2015 Maharani Henna Powder, Rajasthan, 100 grams


henna caravan 20 gram henna powder natural

20 grams fresh Jamila henna powder with sucrose

  • Convenient, premeasured packs of henna. Use with 1.5 drams of essential oils for best results and darkest color.
  • Sucrose is added to keep paste moist and help it adhere to the skin creating a darker, longer lasting stain
  • Makes about 3 ounces of henna paste for over 75 designs. Fills 3 cones or 3-4 jacquard applicator bottles.
$2.80, 20 grams henna powder

henna caravan natural henna powder

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Fees are between $18-$25 for small orders. You will receive an invoice if there is an amount due.

Express US Postal Service:

  • 2 days in Transit
  • Guaranteed by 3 PM on 2nd day in transit
  • Signature Required
  • Includes online Tracking
  • Recommended for perishable pre mixed henna paste

Please review the Customer Service Information before placing your order
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