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Henna knows no borders. It bridges the gap between culture, religion and beliefs to bring people together. For those looking to commemorate a special occassion, mark a defining season in life, or simply celebrate their natural beauty, Henna Caravan provides a stylish way to embrace these moments.

Founded in 1997, Henna Caravan is a family business in Southern California. We value community over competition, and love the way henna has empowered women for centuries, through beauty as well as industry. We support and raise eachother up by expressing the beauty of ephemeral body art. Join as as we explore the hidden stories just waiting to be discovered within your skin. Founded by women, for women everywhere.

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Natural, premium henna powder. Tropical blue jagua juice. Premier white Henna Glam. Henna Caravan is dedicated to premium ingredients, great results, and gorgeous art. Discover the trove of premium quality, temporary body art and beauty products we love.

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From cultivation, to processing, to mixing up the paste and creating a work of wearable art, women are present at every step of the Henna Journey. That's why we give back to organizations that battle social issues disproportionately effecting women around the world.

This year, Henna Caravan is supporting three global endeavors, the Malala Fund, Direct Relief International, and The Elephant Sanctuary in Tennessee. Won't you join us? LEARN MORE