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Blue Jagua
Fruit from the Amazon Jungle for natural body art

blue jagua body paint tattoo

Jagua Gel is created from the juice of the fruit from the Genipa American tree. It grows in South America and has been used for centuries by the native cultures in the Amazon jungle. The unripe fruit is harvested, peeled, and juiced. The juice is pasteurized and mixed into a gel with body safe ingredients. This gel leaves a rich blue stain on the skin and lasts 7-10 days on average.

  • Fresh Jagua Gel is ready to use as soon as it arrives on your doorstep
  • Store fresh Jagua Gel in the freezer and use as you need it. We recommended prefilling cones or bottles and pulling out what you need for the day to retain freshness
  • Stays fresh for several months when stored in the freezer if wrapped and sealed well

Henna Caravan is proud to stock Jagua Gel manufactured by the FreshJagua Company. We chose to work with FreshJagua due to their dedication to sourcing the highest quality product possible, supporting Native Amazon tribes, and the care and quality they put into the product. FreshJagua Gel is pasteurized and triple sifted resulting in a lovely texture that is easy to work with. The high quality and care they take in creating the final product is evident in the deep dark stains and quality ingredients. We believe that like the ladies at Henna Caravan, you'll fall in love with the blue jagua stains!

CONTENTS: Fresh Jagua Gel contains only Genipa American fruit juice, Xanthan Gum, Citric Acid, Potassium Sorbate, Organic Ladandula Angustifolia Oil. Manufactured by FreshJagua.
Does not contain chemical dyes, PPD, preservatives or nut derivatives. Jagua is a natural fruit product, but caution should be used when applying to the body as allergies or reactions can occur. Do not ingest. Do not apply to mucus membranes,eyes cuts, or open wounds.
Avoid Jaguaa if you have allergies to strawberries, pineapple, or other tropical fruit. Consult a physician if you have any concerns. Patch test is always recommended. Avoid exposing the fresh Jagua stain to heat for 48 hours.

freshjagua jagua gel for body art


1 oz creates about 20-30 small designs

*Jagua is sold by net weight for accuracy

jagua juice ink freshjagua tattooJagua Juice
manufactured by FreshJagua

Juice of the Jagua fruit

Use this juice to create your Jagua Gel or use it as your liquid in HENNA paste.

Blending henna and jagua results in a fun blend of the two products. It has the richness of color from the jagua and the ease of application from the henna paste!

The stains will be a range from dark blue, burgundy, maroon, or raw umber (dark cool brown shades) Manufactured by FreshJagua.


*Jagua Juice is sold by volume

Ingredients: Filtered Juice of the Genipa Americana Jagua fruit, manufactured by FreshJagua

Cone of ready to use Henna+Jagua Paste (Hengua Paste)

Fresh paste made from henna powder, essential oils, sugar and Jagua Juice.

The stain color will be a range from indigo blue, grey blue, maroon, burgundy, chocolate, raw umber (cool brown hues). Depending on how long the henna has dye released will deterimine the exact shade and that will vary with each passing day! It's a like a rainbow in your cone!!

Hengua Paste, 10 gram cone, $5.00

Ingredients: Lawsonia inermis (henna powder), Juice of the Genipa Americana Jagua fruit, Cajeput Essential Oil, Sugar.

Storage: Store in freezer 3-6 months

Application: The consistency of 'Hengua' Paste is nearly identical to henna paste. Apply, allow to dry and seal with mefix / hypafix / micropore tape, remove after 4-6 hours. Avoid water for the first day. The color will darken over the next 24-48 hours.

We strongly recommend Express Shipping for this product since the stain color will vary with each day and we want you to enjoy its entire rainbow of variety!

What is Jagua
Jagua is made from the juice of the Genipa Americana fruit tree. The fruit tree grows in South America and has been used by South American native groups for thousands of years to naturally decorate the body and to prevent bug and mosquito bites.

The fruit is picked while it is green (unripe), peeled and pressed for the juice. This juice ismixed into a paste and applied to the body in bold patterns then left on for 2 hours. Once the juice/paint is removed there is a faint light grey mark. Over the next 24 hours the stain reacts with the amino acids and protein of the skin and darkens to a rich deep blue. The stains last 7-10 days or so and fade as your skin naturallly exfoliates.

Check out this link for lots of interesting Genipa American information

How Long Does Jagua Stain Last

  • Generally 7-10 days but can last up to 3-4 weeks on the body
  • Different skin shades, chemistry and lifestyle all affect the final outcome
  • Frequent swimming, bathing, and the rubbing of clothing will cause the stain to fade more quickly
  • Stains are darker on the thicker skinned areas like hands and feet. Stains last longest on the body, torso, arms and legs.

How Do you Apply Jagua
Just like henna! It's pretty awesome

  • Jagua Gel can be applied from a CONE or a BOTTLE with Jacquard or Luer Lock tips. It's your choice!
  • Always start with clean skin
  • Apply the Jagua Gel
  • Don't make a mistake, once the gel touches the skin the stain will begin. So you just need to live with your mistakes and turn them into Happy Accidents. Henna artists are pretty used to cleaning up little mistakes or making changes as we go, Jagua doesn't give us that critical 3-5 minute window that henna does for correcting mistakes, so draw carefully.
  • Let the Jagua Gel dry for 2 hours
  • If the Jagua Gel design smears, it's best to just go wash it off.
  • Wash off with soapy water
  • The stain will be a very light grey at first and will darken to a rich blue shade within 24 hours.
  • The fresh stain tends to transfer a bit, so wrap it up before heading to bed to avoid the design transferring onto your cheek while snoozing.

Aftercare of Jagua Body Art

  • Rub in a bit of vegetable oil or your favorite henna aftercare balm to preotect the stain from fading while swimming or bathing
  • Clothing and shoes rubbing on the design may cause it to fade more quickly
  • Jagua stains last on average 7-10 days but can be longer! 3-4 weeks on the legs and torso is possible

Storing the Jagua - FREEZER

  • Store your Jagua Gel in the Freezer
  • Divide your get into 'single serving' cones or applicator bottles and keep in the freezer until you're ready to use
  • Defrost at room temperature for 15-30 minutes
  • Keep the Jagua Gel

Jagua, is it safe?
Jagua is made from a plant, just like henna. In fact it works in much the same way as henna!

The Jagua fruit juice has been safely used by Native Amazon tribes for thousands of years but it's very new for the world market. It is part beauty treatment, part medicine, part food.

Allergies are always a possiblity with any item. If you are allergic to pineapple, strawberries or other tropical fruits, we'd suggest avoiding Jagua. The juice is made from unripe fruit and those plant enzymes can be strong. Patch tests are recommended for sensitive individuals. Consult your physician if you have concerns.

Avoid exposing the freshly stained Jagua Body art to heat for the first 48 hours, heat can trigger a reaction in some individuals.

SAFETY: Black Henna, Chemical Cones, Jagua - how do we know what's safe or dangerous
Safety should always be our first concern when applying any product to the body! There's certainly lots of dangerous, adulterated, chemical products on the market being sold as colored henna, emergency henna or fake black henna products. How do we learn what's safe and what's not?

Chemical Henna / Emergency Henna / Black Henna

  • Smells BAD, like the chemicals that are used to make it
  • Stain Immediately. This is the biggest way to determine if you're using a natural vegetable dye like Henna or Jagua or have an unsafe chemically adulterated product.
  • Jagua and Henna will leave a light stain when the paste is removed, and darken during the day
  • Chemical Products will leave a dark stain on the skin right away. AVOID any product that stains dark jagua body paint henna tatttooblue jagua body paint henna tatttoo

    blue jagua body paint henna tatttooblue jagua body paint henna tatttoo

    blue jagua body paint henna tatttoo

    blue jagua body paint henna tatttooblue jagua body paint henna tatttoo
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