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Mica Tattoo - Mineral Body Art - Eye Makeup

Create fun, brightly colored mica tattoos and mineral body art. Quick and easy to apply, great for all ages.

EASY to create with stencils or draw on freehand! Clean the skin and stick on the stencil, apply a thin layer of adhesive. Once the adhesive is dry to the touch, dust with mica powder, and voila! Colorful, bright, matte tattoos!

  • FDA Cosmetic Mineral Makeup Powders
  • Mica Tattoos are Waterproof, last 1-5 days
  • Mica Lacquer lasts 1-2 days, can be used on FACE & EYES!
  • Use Stencils or Draw on Freehand
  • Quick and Easy to Apply
  • Acrylic Adhesive and Mica Lacquer are safe for use on skin and non irritating
  • Non-Latex
  • Glitter Tattoo Tutorial How to create waterproof glitter tattoos, last 1-5 days, easy, bright and colorful
  • Acrylic Adhesive is water based and designed for cosmetic/prosthetic devices. Applied to the skin and dusted with glitter or mica will last several days, is waterproof, and can be removed with rubbing alcohol. Holographic glitter is not recommended for glitter tattoos.
  • Glitter Henna Tutorial Embellish henna paste with glimmering colors, sticks to the moist henna paste and will last all day, or at least until the paste is brushed away!
  • Glitter Gel Tutorial Embellish the henna paste or the henna stain to add color and sparkle for the day, until washed off with soap and water


mica tattoo

Mica Tattoos - Mineral Body Art - Eye Makeup



Mica powder for body art tattoo

$4.00 each


Viper Black
Arctic Lily

mineral mica powder tattoo makeup

$4.00 each


Flourescent Sherbet
Flourescent Rio
Flourescent Cobalt
Flourescent Starlette

mineral mica makeup body art

$4.00 each


Turkish Blue

mineral mica body art tattoo eyeshadow

$4.00 each


Tahitian Cocoa
Monsoon Bloom

mica powder body art eyeshadow tattoo

$4.00 each



mica powder tattoo eyeshadow body paint

$4.00 each


Lemon Drop

Mica powder tattoo mineral eye shadow

$4.00 each





10 gram pots (by volume) with shaker top and lid, hold 3 grams by weight

Henna Caravan mica powders are packed in plastic pots with a shaker top and a screw on cap for traveling and application'. Add fabulous color with cosmetic micas. We pack our mica by WEIGHT NOT VOLUME. You get exactly what you pay for, not less ever! Mica may settle during shipping causing the pot to appear less than full.
* Color swatches are approximate and may appear different as computer monitors vary. Please use the color swatches as a guideline only.

Mineral Body Art & Mica Tattoo Kit

What is this? Mica powders are mineral powder cosmetics, FDA approved for applications on the body, face and eyes.

mineral mica body art

Mica Mineral Body Art is created with Liquid Lacquer for mineral body art, face painting, and eye makeup that lasts 1-2 days

  • 4 Mineral Powders in shaker pots
  • Half Ounce, Liquid Lacquer Makeup Fixative
  • Small Brush
  • Blusher Brush
  • 10 Alcohol Swabs
  • Instructions
  • Convenient Vinyl Zipper Bag
Mineral Body Art Kit, $19.99

mineral body art

Mineral Body Art: Use our Liquid Lacquer (a fabulous makeup fixative) and blend with a bit of the mica powders to form a paint.

Paint or draw on the body, face, or eyelids with our gorgeous mica colors for color that stays put ALL DAY!

These products are FDA approved for cosmetic use and may be safely used on the face and eyelids.

mica tattoo

Mica Tattoos are created with Acrylic Adhesive for a waterproof tattoo that lasts 1-5 days

  • Packaged in a clear, heavy duty, re-useable vinyl zippered pouch
  • 4 Mineral Powders in shaker pots (3 grams by weight, 10 gram volume pots)
  • 6 mL Acrylic Adhesive in Applicator with Wand
  • Small Brush
  • 10 Alcohol Swabs
  • Instructions
Mica Tattoo Kit, $24.99
Choose your Mica Colors
Choose your Stencil Pack

mica tattoo

Mica Tattoos: Apply a THIN and even layer of acrylic adhesive (this is a medical/cosmetic glue used for prosthetics and contains no latex). Apply MICA directly onto the glue. Using a brush or finger rub the mica into the glue for good coverage and adhesion.

These will last 2-5 days and can be used freehand or with stencils.

glitter mica tattoo glue

Acrylic Adhesive for waterproof mica/glitter tattoos

Lasts 3-7 days, keep out of eyes. Paint or draw on the adhesive, allow to dry then apply mica/glitter on top!

Warning: acrylic adhesive will be ruined if allowed to freeze. Order at your own risk during freezing weather.









Liquid Lacquer (makeup fixative)

AMAZING makeup fixative, when added to mica powders it turns them into a beautiful silky smooth wet paint that can be used for eye shadows that stay put all day, face paint or body paint.

Liquid Lacquer
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Express US Postal Service:

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  • Guaranteed by 3 PM on 2nd day in transit
  • Signature Required
  • Includes online Tracking
  • Recommended for perishable pre mixed henna paste


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