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Preparation for Henna, Tools, and Supplies

henna digital thermometer

Digital Thermometer

Control your henna recipe and get great results every time! We can't control the henna growing conditions, we can't control our customers, but we can control our recipe, temperature and ingredients for the best, safest, natural henna stains possible!

We recommend 24 hours at 75-80 degrees F for optimal results and dye release when mixing your henna paste. Follow our Henna Recipe for great results

Digital Thermometer, $10.00

henna work pillow

artist henna work pillows

Henna Artist Support Pillow

GORGEOUS pillows for henna artists. Rest this firm foam pillow on your lap or table and rest your clients hand on top. This gives you a stable work area and will prevent client from wiggling.

  • Firm Foam, creates a stable work surface for artist
  • Features a muslin lining
  • Brocade outer fabric is removable for washing
Pillow Color
Henna Artist Pillow, $30.00

alcohol swab

alcohol swab

Alcohol Swabs, single use packets.

Use single use alcohol swabs to gently cleanse the skin of lotions and oils that can interfere with the henna stain. Single use swabs are sanitary and easy to use, never worry about cross contamination. We recommend you ALWAYS clean the skin before applying henna for best results.

Box of Alcohol swabs, $1.98
6 Boxes of Alcohol swabs, $10.00
circle maker for henna

'Circle Makers'

Creating perfect circles is one of the hardest things to master with henna. These 'circle makers' are the Henna Caravan artists secret weapon! Create a perfect circle quickly and easily even on wiggling, squirming kids.

Using the circle maker as a stamp, place dots of henna paste all around the bottom of the circle and stamp onto the skin. This leaves a perfect circular pattern for you to follow. Trace over the stamped circle and complete your perfect, symmetrical shape. So easy! Comes in 3 sizes appropriate for most patterns, flowers, yin yang's and suns. We'll choose a color for you, embellished with gems.

Circle Makers , $5.00henna artist light

spirit transfer tracing paper henna tattoo

Transfer / Spirit Paper, 9x11 inches

Transfer paper (often used for tattoo transfers) can be used to assist in creating complicated henna patterns, to simplify celtic knotwork, or just to help out a beginner! Use a pen to trace over the design of your choice, moisten the skin with an alcohol swab or a bit of gel deodorant then gently press the paper onto the moist skin to transfer the image. Each transfer can be used several times. Each sheet is 9x11 inches

For instructions on how to use Transfer Paper click here.

pedicure flip flops henna

Pedicure Flip Flops

Weather you are hennaing yourself or friends for fun or working professionally these handy single use flip flops come in handy.

Just imagine your beautifully adorned feet out in the world without protection! These handy flip flops make the trek to your car easy and won't mess up your fresh henna.

$1.00 per pair
henna tokens for tickets and parties

Henna Tokens
Manage your parties and festivals with ease using these awesome tokens.

Printed on the front with a $ amount and a fun and colorful design on the back. Impress your clients with your efficiency and professionalism!

Plastic Tokens are screenprinted, not stickers! They will last and last.
1 inch diameter, about the size of a quarter.

Hennaing at an Indian Bridal Sangeet and the client has paid for 50 hand designs? Easy! Give them 50 tokens and ask them to assign them to guests. Never get bullied by a guest again!

Hennaing at festivals? The Booth Assistant takes the payment and gives the client the token they paid for. The artist knows EXACTLY how much each client has paid - no confusion! Fast and effiicient!

henna token tickets

Tokens: $5 Henna

henna token ticket

Tokens: $10 Henna

henna token ticket

Tokens: $15 Henna

token ticket henna

Tokens: $20 Henna

henna token ticket

Tokens: $25 Henna

henna token ticket

Tokens: $30 Henna

henna token ticket

Tokens: $40 Henna

henna token ticket

Tokens: Good for 1 Henna

glitter tattoo token ticket

Tokens: Good for 1 Glitter Tattoo
express mail upgrade

Express Shipping Upgrade 1-2 days in transit

Fees are between $18-$25 for small orders. You will receive an invoice if there is an amount due.

Express US Postal Service:

  • 2 days in Transit
  • Guaranteed by 3 PM on 2nd day in transit
  • Signature Required
  • Includes online Tracking
  • Recommended for perishable pre mixed henna paste

Please review the Customer Service Information before placing your order
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