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Rhinestones for ultimate sparkle

rhinestones and henna rhinestone henna

Swarovski Crystal Rhinestones, when you must have the best! Add ultimate sparkle and glamour to your henna!

Genuine Swarovski Crystals are faceted real crystals. They capture light and add fire & shine to your henna patterns like real jewels. Amazing!! Use Acrylic Adhesive, Spirit Gum, or Liquid New Skin to glue the Swarovsky Crystals to the skin. These won't melt or breakdown like cheap plastic jewels.

  • Rhinestones adhere to the skin with Acrylic Adhesive or Spirit Gum and will last all day adding flash and dazzle. Use to embellish henna paste, stains or just on their own for extra bling.
  • Acrylic Adhesive applied to the skin and dusted with glitter, mica or rhinestones will last several days, is waterproof, and can be removed with rubbing alcohol


rhinestone for henna tattoo
henna crystal swarovsky Carnation
rhinestones for  hennaAssorted

henna gems and crystals

Swarovski Crystals


Use Acrylic Adhesive, Spirit Gum, or Liquid New Skin to glue the Swarovsky Crystals to the skin. These can be re used and won't melt or breakdown like cheap plastic jewels.

Click to Learn how to use Crystals

paypal $8.00 for 75 crystals
rhinestone for henna tattoo
Fire Opal
swarovsky henna crystals
swarovsky crystals for henna

rhinestone glitter henna kit

Bridal Glamour Mini Kit

  • 1 Vial of Acrylic Adhesive for applying Swarovski Crystals and Waterproof glitter. Crystals and Glitter will generally stay on the skin 1-3 days.
  • 1 Diamond Holographic Pouf Glitter, 10 grams
  • 25 Swarovski in your choice of color
  • 1 Pouf Glitter in your choice of color
  • Instructions
  • $12.50 Value!
Glitter Powder


Pick up this mini kit for your henna artist to embellish your bridal mehndi for you!

isopropyl myristate body glue prosaide remover

Isopropyl Myristate Adhesive Remover

Gentle remover for acrylic adhesive. Use on brushes or skin or to remove glitter tattoos. 2 drams (1/4th fl.ounce)


glitter tattoo glue adhesive

Acrylic Adhesive

Acrylic Adhesive for applying Swarovski Crystals. Crystals generally will stay on the skin 1-3 days. Non-latex

Also great for creating water proof glitter tattoos with glitter or mica powders!

Warning: Acrylic adhesive is temperature sensitive.
Store between 50-90 degrees F for best results.
If glue freezes it will permanently solidify.
If it is stored over 100 Degrees F it loses it stickiness.


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