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Self-Adhesive Stencils

henna tattoo stencil


Glitter, Mica or Colorini
Temporary Faux Tattoos
fun, colorful, sparkly !


glitter tattoo henna


Henna with Stencils

  • Quick and easy to apply
  • No drawing necessary
  • Great for all ages
  • Henna Lasts 7-10 days



glitter henna tattoo stencil

"I want them all"
Selection of 200 small stencils $84.00
Selection of 200 large stencils $100.00

  • Minimum order of 200 stencils
  • Sold in packs of 10 per design
  • Choose stencils by including a note in the checkout
  • Choose up to 20 different images
  • example: 10 Crazy Owl #white53

glitter tattoo stencil Elsa


glitter tattoo stencil elsa snowflake

Frozen Snowflake

olaf glitter tattoo stencil frozen



glitter tattoo stencil Elsa Stars

Elsa with Stars

Glitter Tattoo Rapunzels Sun

Rapunzels Sun

glitter tattoo monsters, inc

Monsters, Inc.

glitter tattoo stencil Mike W

Mike W

glitter tattoo stencil monster ink Minion


glittr tattoo henna stencil anna frozen

Out of Stock Anna

glitter tattoo stencil hunger games

Hunger Games
#blue 51

deathly hallows, glitter tattoo stencil henna

Deathly Hallows
#blue 41

glitter henna stencil harry potter

Dark Mark, Large
#blue 37

glitter henna stencil star wars

Rebel Alliance
#blue 6

glitter tattoo skull

#blue 5

glitter henna stencil a batman

#blue 1
glitter henna stencil
#blue 2
glitter stencil megatron
Megatron / Decepticon
#blue 4
Optimus Prime / Autobot
#blue 3
glitter tattoo darth vador
Out of Stock Darth Vader
#blue 7

henna glitter stencil castle

#blue 23
henna glitter stencil mickey
Mickey Mouse
#blue 8

glitter tattoo stencil minnie mouse

Minnie Mouse
#blue 10

glitter tattoo stencil cartoon

Mickey Mouse Head
#blue 9

glitter henna stencil - frog

Frog Prince
#blue 40

hello kitty stencil glitter

Large Hello Kitty

hello kitty stencil glitter

Hello Kitty
#blue 16

henna glitter stencil hello kitty

Hello Emo Kitty
#blue 14

glitter henna tattoo stenicl kitty

Hello Kitty Aloha
#blue 15

henna glitter stencil hello kitty


Hello Kitty Smarty
#blue 13

hello kitty, glitter tattoo stencil

Hello Kitty Moustache
#blue 47

hello kitty halloween tattoo stencil

Hello Franken-Kitty , #blue 53

hello kitty halloween glitter tattoo stencil

Hello Kitty Witch , #blue 54

hello kitty glitter tattoo stencils


Hello Kitty Bow #blue55

glitter henna stencil hello kitty

Hello Kitty Pirate
#blue 17

stencil glitter henna tattoo hello kitty

Hello Kitty Cowgirl, #blue43

glitter tattoo henna stencil hello kitty

Hello Kitty Babies, #blue56


henna glitter tattoo stencil hello kitty

Hello Cool Kitty, #blue26

glitter tattoo henna stencil hello kitty

Hello Kitty Full Body, #blue 70

Mario, #blue 21

glitter tattoo henna stencil pacman

Pac Man, Large
#blue 44

glitter tattoo stencil lego

#blue 50

zelda, glitter henna tattoo stencil

Zelda Triforce, large
#blue 48

glitter tattoo henna stencil - mario

#blue 30

glitter tattoo stencil - oscar grouch

#blue 42
cookie monster glitter tattoo stenci
Cookie Monster
#blue 18
elmo glitter tattoo stencil
#blue 19
ernie glitter henna tattoo stencil
#blue 20

glitter tattoo henna stencil  logo emmett

LEGO Emmett
#blue 71

glitter tattoo stencil spongebob

Sponge Bob Head
#blue 11

spongebob tattoo stencil

Sponge Bob Man
#buel 26

glitter tattoo henna stencil baymax

#buel 72

glitter tattoo stencil dora

Dora the Explorer, #blue12

glitter tattoo stencil betty boop

Betty Boop Face, #blue 49

angry bird glitter tattoo stencil

Angry Birds


glitter tattoo stencil cars

#blue 22

glitter tattoo stencil ninja turtle

Ninja Turtle
#blue 52





Bob Marley, Large #blue60


glitter henna tattoo vampire

Vampire Kiss
#gold 8

grateful dead glitter tattoo

Grateful Dead Bear
#blue 24

henna glitter tattoo stencil doctor who tardis


glitter tattoo stencil fairy

Fairy Dance
#blue 28



Fairy Fly
#blue 32


glitter tattoo stencil fairy

Fairy with Wings
#blue 29


glitter stencil tattoo fairy

Fairy Moon
#blue 27

glitter tattoos stencil cartoon

Darth Vader, Large
#blue 35

glitter stencil fairy

Fairy Kiss,Large
#blue 34
glitter tattoo fairy
Tinkerbell, Large
#blue 33

henna glitter stenil - mermaid

Little Mermaid, large
#blue 46

henna glitter stencil - my little pony



My Little Pony, large
#blue 45

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