Sparkle Spray

Sparkle Spray

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Description & How to Use

These new spray bottles create a gentle dusting of glitter, perfect to adorn your wet henna paste with. 



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    Saves glitter!

    I love that these do a nice even spray and uses less glitter than the poof bottles. I’ve changed over all my glitter to the spray bottles and won’t go back!

    Jun 25th 2018

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    Amazing products!!

    These sparkly glitters are to die for. They colors are so delicious, you'll want to bathe in them. Top it all off with the most productive spray cover I've ever used. It makes dispensing so effortless and cuts down on excess glitter pouring out. I adore these and plan to buy one in each color.

    Tangled kat Henna
    Jul 3rd 2017