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We offer discounts on many items, the more you purchase the greater the discount. Failure to order the minimum results in a delay shipping your order as we must adjust the prices and invoice you. Henna Caravan is dedicated to using only safe and natural ingredients. Our products contain only 100% natural henna, sugar, lemon juice, and essential oils.

Our products are generally safe to use on children and during pregnancy, however if in doubt a doctor should always be consulted.
Henna Caravan NEVER uses any black or colored chemical dyes, additives, PPD para-phenylenediamene, nut derivatives, or preservatives.

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Our Studio

Natural. Temporary. Art.

Celebrate your natural beauty. You don't need an excuse to wear henna. It's been used in celebrations of beauty since time immemorial, across thousands of miles and hundreds of cultures. We are thrilled to offer private appointments at our studio throughout the year.

Conveniently located near Old Town Camarillo, we invite you to visit us, explore the world of Natural Henna, Natural Jagua, and HennaGlam, and enjoy the art of your own skin.

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As Southern California’s premier henna body art company, Henna Caravan strives to tailor every event to each client’s needs. We can accommodate any size event from the most discerning corporate affair to the intimate party in your home, public events with attendance over 100,000 or individual appointments for VIP clients.

We regularly serve the Los Angeles, Ventura, and Santa Barbara area and beyond, including destination weddings in Mexico, Hawaii, Thailand or anywhere your dreams take you. Henna Caravan carries entertainers insurance for all events. Book Us


Bespoke Art

We use only the freshest and safest products available to custom mix our henna paste. We use 100% natural red-brown henna hand-blended with lemon juice and enhanced with fragrant essential oil to achieve our elegant and richly colored henna stains that fade away naturally. We never use any chemical additives, nut products or PPD.

With two full time artists and a network of skilled professionl henna artisans throughout Southern California, Henna Caravan can accmodate any size event. About Us


Our Products

100% natural

We believe the ancient art of mehndi is a way to bring people together. Every step of your henna journey is a celebration of this.

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We believe the ancient art of mehndi is a way to bring people together. Every step of your henna journey is a celebration of this.

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Everything we do at Henna Caravan is inpsired by your henna journey, from sharing free templates to choosing the next new glitter color to try. You are an artist, a storyteller, and we want to see your passion come to life through henna. If you are ready to mix your first batch of henna paste, we are here for you.

If you are experimenting with color combinations of HennaGlam, we are here for you. If you just can't quite remember how to roll a cone, we're here for you. Come learn with us. We will work together to make something amazing! Learn More