Reusable Heat Sealed Cones

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These hand-made heat-sealed cones hail from the pacific northwest. Each cone can last several years, which makes them a great solution for henna artists looking to decrease their footprint. Using a heat sealed cone is slightly different from a traditional hand-rolled cone. Remember to use your fingers to move the paste, rather than the muscles at the back of your hand. You'll need less pressure, and maybe a little more patience to get the hang of this unique and eco-friendly tool.

Trim the tip of your resuable cone to open a tiny hole. Fill the cone about halfway with henna paste, using a carrot bag. Leave the end open or fold closed with a binder clip. Start creating! The cone has a "break-in period" while the shape of the henna is more akin to a ribbon than a tube. You can use your fingers to gently stretch and massage the seam and over time the shape with relax. Wash with warm water and soap in between uses.

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