Aftercare: Fabric Medical Tape

henna sealed in tape

quick tips

  • Henna dries, shrinks, cracks and pops off. This is bad.
  • We want it to stay stuck on the skin for 4-12 hours. Very tricky.
  • Wrapping up with medical tape will hold the paste perfectly in place.
  • Clothing can be put back on and you don't have to be careful since the design is wrapped and protected. Super handy for night time.
  • Mefix must be cut into strips.
  • It's flexible, breathable, soft and comfy. 

MeFix or HypaFix Woven Medical Tape  

The nearly perfect aftercare solution for special designs and sleeping. This is the tape preferred by the HC artists!

Not every situation works with citrus-sealant. If it’s cold, if the henna was applied to an intimate location, if the design is super special and you want the best possible outcome, small children, pregnancy bellies, or if you want to sleep with the design overnight.

what is it

MeFix is a wide, woven fabric type tape that is soft and flexible and comfortable. This the most comfortable and is great for important applications or splurging on yourself. Latex-free (Latex is a common allergy and should be avoided when working with the public). 


Wrapping with medical tape holds every little bit of paste in place perfectly! It guarantees excellent stains since you can sleep with the wrapped henna paste on and achieve super dark stains. It prevents the henna paste from popping off and staining your sheets/clothing.





coconut oil

how to usestep-1a.png

Allow the henna paste to dry completely before taping.

If you tape while the paste is still moist it will smear and smoosh.

Do not use citrus-sealant with tape, it's one or the other



Cut strips of tape in 2-3 inch pieces, peel off the backing paper and place over the henna paste so they are slightly over-lapping. Follow the contours of the body/muscles when applying the tape. 



Keep the henna paste on 4-8 hours, longer is better.    




Apply a layer of coconut oil ON TOP of the tape and let soak in for several minutes.

The oil will help the adhesive release from the skin and the tape will come off easily. No ouchies!

Avoid water for the first 24 hours of the stains life cycle.

henna paste sealed with medical tape

henna stain



pro tip



To tape feet and legs, have the client stand up, with weight evenly distributed on both feet. This puts the muscles in a natural and non-flexed position.

Mefix is fantastic for pregnant bellies and designs on breasts too.




Choose Latex Free tapes such as micropore, mefix or hypafix, or saniderm. Latex is a common allergy and can result in a painful rash. 

Gentle removal of tape by applying coconut oil or a soak in the shower prior to removal will help to avoid irritation.