About Henna Caravan

I began my henna journey while in college pursuing a degree in Fine Arts. As interest in henna grew, I needed another pair of hands and my sister Carissa began applying henna with me. Soon our mom, Flavia joined us at events managing crowds and assisting customers or booking events. My cousin Christina would often tag along with us to festivals and hang out with the 'big girls'. Soon, Christina was helping to run our booth and counting back change to customers, she was just 10 years old at the time! And although my own daughter is only 3, she often helps us around the warehouse sorting glitter, testing anything purple, and charming customers.

This has become a full time family business and has allowed us many special experiences and opportunities together! Many friends and family who were the first to let me experiment with henna on them now work side-by-side with me in our ever-expanding California henna company.

I hope that our customers receive as much joy from henna as it has brought to my life! 

Jessica McQueen




Founder & Owner 

With a Bachelors Degree in Fine Arts from California College of Arts, Jessica founded Henna Caravan in 1997. She creates beautiful custom designs inspired by the art of the African and European continents. Her painterly style is distinctive, giving life and movement to every design. Jessica specializes in henna during pregnancy, contemporary styles, and florals.  

As the owner and founder of Henna Caravan, Jessica spends the week providing support and education to henna fanatics around the world. 






Artist, Communications

A vivacious and silly henna artist, Carissa has been honing her skills since 1999 and creates lovely, tiny, tight patterns for those wanting a more delicate touch. She is fantastic with children and enjoys intimate events where she can pamper your guests and chat about henna and its history. There's always something new to learn about this ancient art!

Carissa works full time in the Henna Caravan studio nurturing the business, taking drop-in appointments, as well as planning HennaCon, our 3 day Henna conference that takes place each fall in Newbury Park.  






Flavia is Henna Caravan’s fantastic manager! She offers superior site management and crowd organization. She patiently explains every aspect of the henna process, keeps guests engaged, takes care of prep and aftercare and makes sure every guest leaves happy. She’s also the amazing mama of Jessica and Carissa!



California Henna Artists

Henna Caravan is happy to work with exceptional artists throughout Southern California and the Western US. Whether you're looking for a group of artists for your promotional event, or a small team for your mehndi night and sangeet, our artists are always highly skilled, trained, and have years of professional experience.