Shipping Fresh Henna Paste

Domestic Orders:  Due to the perishable nature of fresh henna paste, we suggest shipping via Priority Mail or Express Mail.

  • Priority Mail is estimated 2-5 days in transit.
  • Express Mail is guaranteed 2 days in transit. We can only guarantee paste that is shipped via Express Mail.

INTERNATIONAL ORDERS: Premixed paste is perishable. The longer delivery times for international orders means the paste will arrive past it's prime. We prefer to send you henna powder, oils, and our recipe so you may make fresh paste at home and be guaranteed lovely fresh product. We can't guarantee the results of paste shipped internationally due to the longer time in transit and customs delays. 

WHY?: Once henna paste is mixed, it needs to rest for 24-72 hours for the dye release and then it should be used that day or stored in the freezer to preserve freshness. Once it hits its 'peak' it will slowly begin to demise and go bad. Keeping it in the freezer slows down the demise process and keeps it fresh. Lengthy delivery times especially with First Class delivery mean the henna will arrive past its peak.