Aftercare: Lemon & Sugar

Traditional Citrus Sealant, but in a handy fine mist spray bottle

lemon sugar sealant spray on henna

quick tip

  • Henna dries, shrinks, cracks and pops off. This is bad.
  • We want it to stay stuck on the skin for 4-12 hours. Very tricky.
  • Keep it moistened and adhered to skin with a lemon-sugar aftercare spray. Problem solved!

aftercare for henna

A perfect aftercare solution for busy parties and festivals

Traditionally, henna has been ‘sealed’ with a mix of lemon juice and sugar that is patted onto the dried henna paste. It creates a sugary coating that keeps the henna paste slightly moist and well adhered to the skin for optimal color.  

Patting lemon-sugar sealant on is messy, time consuming, easily dislodges bits of the design and is unsanitary if you are using the little bowl of sealant to seal multiple people.


Citrus Sealant Aftercare Spray is a great aftercare solution. The sugar in the mixture is a humectant, absorbing moisture from the air, gently re-hydrating the henna paste. The lemon juice is an active ingredient in the paste itself so it’s a perfect addition to help get the darkest color possible.

At Henna Caravan, where we focus on busy festivals and events we needed an efficient and sanitary solution. We discovered fine mist spray bottles met all our needs quickly and easily! Give it a try, you'll love how easy and fast it is, spray-spray!




Allow the henna paste to dry for 15-30 minutes depending on the weather. You want it to be dry to the touch and no longer shiny.



Hold sealant 6 inches away from design and spray, spray. A light coating is sufficient. Be careful not to over saturate the paste as designs can run and bleed together.

You can spray several times if needed, waiting 30 minutes or so between applications.



Keep the henna paste on all day, 4-8 hours is optimal. To remove use a bit of coconut oil (or other edible oil) or even lemon/orange juice. Avoid water for the first 24 hours of the stains life cycle for the best color.


pro tip

Citrus Sealant is super sticky! Move away from your tools/supplies, and furniture to spray clients.

I like to have a clean washcloth available to hold under the hand when spraying to catch a bit of overspray or a rogue drip.