Aftercare Balms: Protect Your Stains

henna stain color and progression

There are a few tips and tricks to keeping your henna stains looking fresh. One secret is a great aftercare balm. This protects the design from fading when exposed to water when bathing/swimming and keeps the skin nice and moisturized.

We've found that using an aftercare balm can extend the life of a henna stain by about 30%! 

application tips

To keep your henna stain looking it's best

  • Avoid contact with water for the first 24 hours if possible. 
  • Henna is hydrophobic, water prevents the fresh stain from darkening. 
  • Protect the stain from water when bathing or swimming. Coat the area with HC Aftercare Balms (or a layer of coconut/vegetable oil) before getting wet.
  • Soaking in water, shaving, sunscreen, rubbing of  shoes and clothing causes the design to fade more quickly.

Your new design will be a light orange color when the paste is first removed. Over the next 2 days the dye will oxidize and the stain becomes darker and richer in color. 

The duration of the stain and depth of color depend on the area of body and length of time the paste remained on your skin.

Henna will produce the best stains on hands and feet. Designs generally lasts 7 to 10 days.


What is itJojoba Oil Roll-On Aftercare 

So easy! This roll on applicator will give your fresh henna stains extra life while moisturizing your skin and protecting the stain from water.

Jojoba oil is blended with delicious May Chang (also know as 'oil of tranquility') and citrus essential oils and smells like old fashioned lemon drops, yum!

Our Jojoba Oil is Pesticide free and comes from farms working to gain certification for organic farming. Oh, and it's vegan too!

how to use Just Roll-On

Apply a coat of this light-weight delicious lemon-drop smelling jojoba oil before bathing or swimming to protect the henna stain

    What is itBeeswax-Coconut Oil Aftercare Balm

    Fabulous aftercare balm protects your henna designs and keeps them looking fresh. Blended from beeswax, lanolin and coconut oil the balm is creamy, soft and emollient.

    It's our favorite lip balm too!

    how to useJust Rub On

    Apply a coat of this creamy balm before bathing or swimming to protect the henna stain. Just rub onto the skin, available in lip balm sized tubes or larger wider applicators.