How to Fill Henna Cones

what is it

Carrot bags, the secret tool for easy fast cone/bottle filling! These are super sturdy, re-useable, long lasting cone filling ninjas!


carrot bag henna paste storageCarrot Bag: triangle shaped plastic bags for storing icing or henna paste. It's like a giant henna cone for filling your tiny henna cone.


Have you made a mess? Launched paste onto the ceiling, exploded all over the floor, got it basically everywhere but inside the cone? Yup, we have too. Give these carrot bags a try... they'll help you to fill cones quickly, cleanly and keep you from saying all the bad words. They are heavy duty freezer quality and are great for bulk paste storage too.carrot storage bag of henna paste

how to fill henna cones



Gather your Supplies

  • Henna paste
  • Carrot Bag
  • Empty Cones
  • Tall, narrow glass
  • Tiny rubber-bands or tape to seal the filled cones. We recommend Scotch Brand Red Label. It withstands the essentials oils and freezing/defrosting.


how to fill henna cones


  • Stand several cones in the glass until there is enough that they are supporting themselves and the center one stays upright.

how to fill henna cones

how to fill henna cones

how to fill henna cones

how to fill henna cones

how to fill henna cones



  • Insert the carrot bag filled with henna paste straight down into the cone and squeeze in the henna paste
  • Fill the cone 1/2 - 3/4ths of the way with henna paste.
  • Be careful not to overfill.




Keep the sides of the cone clean and the henna flowing directly into the center of the cone. This will make for a cleaner seal and prevent the paste from clinging to the edge of the cone and making a mess.



How many cones will you need, how big, how much?

A small batch of henna paste made from 20 grams of henna powder yields 3 ounces paste. 

A cone holds 1-3 Tablespoons of henna paste depending on how large you roll your cones. 

3 ounces of henna paste will fill 3-6 cones depending on the cone size.