How to use Glitter Tattoo Stencils


apply glitter tattoo stencil


step 1

Apply Stencil

1. Start with CLEAN, dry skin! Wash skin with rubbing alcohol and choose a hair-free location for best results. Let the skin dry thoroughly. 

2. Carefully remove the white backing layer of the stencil to reveal the adhesive, leaving the clear layer in place. 

3. Apply sticky adhesive side of the stencil to clean skin. Rub firmly over the entire stencil. Make sure the stencil is fully and completely adhered to the skin. 

peel off glitter tattoo stencil

step 2

Starting from a corner, carefully remove the clear transfer tape from the top layer of the stencil. Using your fingernail, pull one of the top edges and slowly roll it down and away from the vinyl stencil. If a piece of the stencil sticks to the transfer tape, just lay it back on the skin, press it down again and then continue removing the top layer.

apply body adhesive

step 3

Apply Glue 
We LOVE using the applicator wands with liquid acrylic adhesive for glitter tattoos! Apply a thin, even coat of adhesive to the skin, moving from the edge of the stencil inward. 

Allow the adhesive to dry briefly to prevent smears. You're ready to apply the glitter!

 apply glitter to the dry body adhesive 

step 4

Apply glitter! 
Apply a generous amount of glitter directly to the adhesive using a brush or an open lure lock cap.

rub in and brush off excess glitter

step 5

Gently rub the glitter onto the glue/skin to make sure it's fully adhering to the adhesive.

step 6

Remove the stencil by peeling up an edge and rolling the stencil back on itself. A toothpick can be used to help pull off any stubborn pieces. Brush off excess glitter.


voila! sparkly glitter tattoos last several days


Sparkly glitter tattoos will last up to a week!



Remove with, isopropyl myristate, make-up remover, or scrub off after a soak in the bath.