Love is Love is Love!

A couple weeks ago we had the THRILL of working with some of LA's hottest event professionals. Our "bride" met us on a Wednesday evening, where Jessica then spent the next 4 hours hanging out and creating these beautiful full arm and leg floral pieces. They knew they wanted something gorgeous and romantic, but otherwise had no constraints. How fun is that? It's not often an artist gets to do exactly what she wants, so this was especially fun for the HC team.

The shoot itself took place on Sunday, which meant that the all natural henna had plenty of time to get super dark! Remember, if you want henna for a special event, make your appointment at least 2-3 days beforehand for peak color. That means your Valentine's Henna should be done on Feb 10 for best effect!

Keep an eye out for these gorgeous shots on instagram. It was a team effort and everybody had so much fun creating this look.

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