My Fair Wedding

There are literally hundreds of ways to incorporate special personal touches into your wedding. When Jessica got married, we created an homage to car culture by fashioning the bouttonnière into the Ford V8 engine logo. Former Henna Caravan artist Stacey was married last month and we hand-glittered her shoes with her favorite color aqua- a particularly fun project since her main job as HC staff was choosing, ordering, and handling all our glitter needs! Another friend paid homage to his Irish ancestry by incorporating his family motto "Non Sibi" ("Not for Himself") into his vows.

Honoring your family traditions is one of the best ways to give personal color to your wedding and make it extra meaningful. Henna is one of those traditions that can really make your wedding stand out. Cultures across North Africa, the Middle East, and throughout the Indian subcontinent use henna to celebrate auspicious occasions. These traditions are beautiful and meaningful, but aren't always suited to the aesthetics of a modern American Wedding. Don't be afraid to think of new ways to add henna to your wedding as an homage to your family history, without being overwhelmed by it.

Traditional Indian mehndi for Brides will cover much of a Bride's visible hands and feet. Oftentimes the henna will extend from the fingertips to the biceps in intricate lace-like designs. This type of mehndi will take many hours to apply, and during that time the bride must stay inactive. There is much symbolism associated with Mehndi, as well. The red color of the stain is auspicious and brings good luck. In some areas, brides are not to do any house work while their henna designs are still visible. Other cultures believe the longer a stain lasts the more your new inlaws and mother in law with love you! Certain symbols like peacocks represent love and fetility, and sun-motifs represent rebirth and your new life as a married woman.

You can add glitter to your henna stain for glitz and glam!

If you intend on wearing a white Western style wedding dress, but want to involve henna in your wedding, we suggest very simple designs with your favorite wedding motifs. This March, Henna Caravan was featured on David Tutera's My Fair Wedding to help create a wonderful Asian Fusion wedding for Bride Lauren. Check out this clip to see Carissa in action, and be sure to watch My Fair Wedding to see what other surprises are in store!

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