The Henna Artist - Book club time!

Months ago a henna friend mentioned that they had consulted on a new book coming out in the next year or so... The Henna Artist by Alka Joshi. It piqued my interest so I set about reading up on it and putting this forthcoming book on my "To Read" list. It fit the bill for my reading goals. 

  • Read more women and non-binary authors
  • Read international authors
  • Read more literary fiction

After reading a very long fantasy series, I needed to change my perspective and The Henna Artist sounded just perfect. 

Then fall came, and winter, and The Henna Artist was released but "order book" just kept moving down my to-do list. Imagine my joy when half a dozen bookworm friends sent me an instagram post. 


Reese Witherspoon chose The Henna Artist as her May Book Club choice! What a perfect time to start reading this book that's been on my list for so long. 

We're staying safer at home this spring. While I'm teaching henna practice sessions every day on IG live, I miss my clients and spring events dearly. While I would normally be preparing to henna hundreds of people in a day at hot summer festivals, this year I'm preparing kits and tools to help artists stay afloat and help new fans of henna find the joy that this magical little plant brings me. 

Won't you join Henna Caravan, Reese's Book Club, and thousands of women around the world in reading a story of empowerment, claiming your talents, and self discovery? Find The Henna Artist by Alka Joshi at your local bookstore (most of them will order it for you and deliver!) and then grab a henna kit and see what you create!

Check back in week for our full review <3  

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  • Mr Walter Neave

    I ordered henna freckles can you tell me we’re my order is can you text message not e nail thank you when was my order sent

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