Hydrosol Sealant 2 ounce

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Hydrosol Sealant 2 ounce
Hydrosol Sealant 2 ounce
Hydrosol Sealant 2 ounce

Use instead of the traditional citrus-sugar spray, perfect for those that wish to avoid citrus due to allergies. Certified Organic.

Hydrosol floral water is blended with sugar to create a sticky spray to help adhere the henna paste to the skin and keep it moist longer, resulting in darker and longer lasting designs.

Hydrosols are a lovely lightly scented water made from the steam that is left over when essential oils are distilled. The steam/water is infused with the plants aroma.  It is a light scent that is calming, soothing and relaxing.

Henna Caravan Hydrosol Sealant helps henna paste adhere to the skin and remain moist, resulting in the darkest stain possible. Spray bottles are quick, easy, and sanitary. Its a contemporary version of traditional lemon-dabbing, with none of the hassle and no citrus. One bottle will seal hundreds of designs.  Store in refrigerator.

How To:

  • Hold the spray bottle about 6 inches away from a mostly-dry henna design.
  • Gently spray the henna 2-3 times.
  • Spray may be reapplied after 30 minutes.
  • Let henna naturally flake off.