Micropore Paper Tape

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one roll of micropore medical tape to protect henna paste
Micropore Paper Tape
Micropore Paper Tape

Henna Caravan has used micropore paper tape for years on our own designs and with clients at festivals and private events. In some climates, it is necessary to provide a seal to your henna paste to ensure it stays on the skin as long as possible. Paper tape is a great option if you want to cover up and go about your day, or if you prefer not to use a liquid spray or traditional lemon-sugar dabbing method.

Once henna is *completely* dry, place small sections (2-3 inches long) of tape directly on top. Do not use lemon spray in conjunction with paper tape. Leave tape on up to 8 hours. If the tape is difficult to remove, use a bit of coconut or vegetable oil to loosen the adhesive.

  • tears easily, no need to cut
  • affordable
  • latex-free

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