Clear Acrylic Sangeet Hand

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Clear Acrylic Sangeet Hand
Clear Acrylic Sangeet Hand
Clear Acrylic Sangeet Hand
Clear Acrylic Sangeet Hand

CLEAR Acrylic Sangeet Hand™

"Sangeet" practice hand is mid arm length and life sized, 13 inches long

Free yourself from the restriction of body shapes! Practice your drills, design large patterns, have a blast with this clear practice board!

Lay the clear board on top of patterns or designs you want to practice tracing.

  • Excellent for practicing and perfecting your skills with henna paste
  • Grab your henna and draw, wipe off, repeat!
  • Or use a whiteboard marker to draw
  • Wash or wipe off wet henna paste
  • Dried henna paste can be scraped off or soaked off in water
  • Natural henna and safe natural essential oils do not stain the acrylic plastic. Henna Caravan products are guaranteed not to stain the acrylic practice parts.

(Chemical cones manufactured in India/Pakistan will stain the board and are not safe for skin application. These products are never safe and are not legal in many countries. They are known as emergency, rani, golecha etc.)

* International Orders, please email us with your address to request a shipping quote. These are an awkward size and shipping fees may be higher than estimated on international orders. The shorter hand/wrist will be less expensive on shipping costs.

*Domestic Orders, due to the large size of this item additional shipping charges may be required depending on your location. We will invoice you if extra shipping is required.