Henna Client Aftercare Pamphlet

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Henna Aftercare Instructions help your clients get the best results and learn a bit about henna history. We've done the work for you - just add your contact info and print off a stack of copies to pass out to every client.

Let's face it, henna can be a bit complicated especially for  first time customers. Even though we chat with our clients and review the aftercare instructions a written reminder to refer to later is important. And it's a great time to share some henna history and let clients know that you're available for their next special event. 

We've designed these very thorough instructions to make it easy for you. Instructions, history, and marketing all in one!

  • Choose a colored paper that compliments your business branding to xerox your aftercare instructions on.
  • White paper is easy to lose in the shuffle of life - a bright color will help clients locate it in the bottom of their bag or junk drawer when they want to book you for their party! Make it easy for them to find you.
  • Add your personal business details in the EMPTY SPACE. Business Name, Website, Email, Phone, Logo etc.
  • Xerox and cut in half, there are 2 instructions per page



  • Download and save to your hard drive
  • Add your information & logo directly to the PDF file using design tools like Canva or Adobe, then print as many as you need.

To add your business information:

If you’re old school, add your business information using the scissors and tape method.

  • Print your logo and phone number on white paper in a 3x4 inch rectangle.
  • Print both documents
  • Cut your business info out and carefully tape into the blank space on the aftercare instructions.
  • Then, use a copier to print multiples, front and back! This is a two-sided pamphlet your'e creating.
  • Cut in half
  • Hand one to every single client for best results.