How To Use Your Bulk Henna Paste

To use your Henna Caravan Bulk Natural Henna Paste

You'll need to decide your storage plan - will you toss the entire bag in the freezer or pre-fill your applicators and freeze them in bulk?
  • Freezing pre-filled cones or bottles is a great option. Just take out the applicators you'll need for the day and the rest stays nicely frozen and in perfect condition in the freezer. The paste will begin to demise or 'go bad' with multiple freezing and defrost cycles so you'll get the best results if you can keep henna in the freezer till you need it.
  • Bulk bags of paste may be safely frozen. Defrost for about 1 hour when you're ready to fill your applicators.

Ready to draw!

  • Holding your applicator and gently squeeze
  • Place the tip not quite touching the skin to lay down nice even lines without a "scratchy" texture.
  • Vary your squeeze/pressure to control line width and flow.
  • Once your design is complete, you can poof a bit of cosmetic glitter powder on top to add some shimmery color for the day.
  • Allow design to dry for 15-30 minutes or until dry to the touch.
  • Once dry it’s time to seal your henna design. As the henna dries, it can begin to crack and pop off; we want to prevent that from happening. Use your choice of Aftercare Sealant Spray or Medical Tape to secure your henna. Do not use both.
  • To remove paste, gently flake off over a trash can or tub. Avoid washing with water. If sticky and stubborn, use coconut or vegetable oil to remove any residue.
  • Enjoy your custom one of a kind henna design! It will be a bright orange at first and slowly darken over 48 hours. It will slowly fade away as your skin exfoliates.
  • Henna stains last 7-10 days, longest on hands and feet.
  • To keep henna stains looking their best avoid water for the first 24 hours, apply a coat of Aftercare Balm or coconut oil generously to protect when bathing/swimming.