Aqua HennaGlam

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Aqua HennaGlam
Aqua HennaGlam
Aqua HennaGlam
Aqua HennaGlam
Aqua HennaGlam

HennaGlam is our answer to the "white henna" craze!

Water resistant, latex free, and available in a rainbow of colors, HennaGlam(tm) is a versatile and fun long-lasting body art product perfect for special events, festivals, and photoshoots. HennaGlam is made of body-safe FDA compliant ingredients, all hand-mixed by Henna Caravan. HennaGlam sits on top of your skin, and does NOT stain your skin like natural henna or natural jagua does. It is easy to apply, dries quickly, and lasts for days.

For best results, apply a very, very thin layer of HennaGlam directly to clean and dry skin with the Luer Lock bottle applicator. It is possible to use a cone, but there can be a steeper learning curve for those used to the thick application of natural henna.

Remember, less is more when it comes to HennaGlam, and the thin, flat layers of color will last longest!

Try advanced techniques like marbling, layering color, or even mixing custom blends for your special event clients.

Once you have your HennaGlam(tm) in your preferred applicator (we recommend Luer bottles and tips), begin to squeeze very, very gently. HennaGlam is designed for longevity and works best if you apply a very thin layer, more like painting than henna. Gently drag the tip along the skin to create a smooth line and control the flow of the liquid. Air bubbles may occur, but you can easily "pop" them or soak them up with a corner of an alcohol swab or water. Let the HennaGlam dry for about 5 minutes, and enjoy your design for several days! Try experimenting with multiple colors, shading, abstract designs, or more natural florals. Remember to clean your luer lock tips immediately after use with water, alcohol, or isopropyl myristate.

Click here for HennaGlam instructions PDF

HennaGlam is a one-step solution to the “white henna” craze. It’s available in white and other colors.

  • Long lasting and durable, 1-5 days
  • 1 Bottle creates 30-35 medium hand 'sangeet' designs
  • 1 Day on Fingers 
  • 2-4 Days on Backs of Hands 
  • Up to 1 week on legs, calves, arms, etc
  • Non Staining
  • Fast Drying
  • Water Resistant
  • Easily Removable
  • DO NOT ALLOW PRODUCT TO FREEZE, store between 50-90 degrees F, best if used within 6 months. 


  • Clean skin with alcohol, it’s always best to begin with a clean canvas.
  • Hair-free areas are best. Ouch, it will hurt when removed from hairy locations.
  • Fingers wear away first from bending and rubbing. Legs, thighs, shoulders, arms last the longest.

Attach the Luer Cap very TIGHTLY to the HennaGlam bottle, screw on the Luer Tip. When finished replace white cap to keep it air tight. Clean Tips ASAP by rinsing with water before the HennaGlam dries. I like a 2 ounce Luer Bottle filled with water for convenient tip rinsing.  Use a pin/thin wire to clean tips.

Use small cones to limit waste, a little goes a long way. Place 1-2 teaspoons in a cone and tape closed really well to avoid leakage. Cut a teeny tiny hole in your cone.

HennaGlam is thinner than henna paste. Squeeze VERY, very gently and apply to skin. Hold at an angle to control the flow. Touching the skin with the tip and dragging it over the skin helps keep a manageable slow flow and create the fine, delicate lines that last the longest. Don’t squeeze your shapes like with henna paste, but outline and draw. This limits the thick lines that wear off quickly.

Air bubbles may occur. We find it’s best to just ignore them and keep drawing. Shaking HennaGlam will add bubbles. Be careful not to smudge, it will leave a mark.

Allow to dry 10-30 minutes

Optional, dust with baby powder/talc/cornstarch if it feels a bit tacky.

Soaking in the bath or swimming will shorten HennaGlam’s life.

Chlorine is NOT nice to HennaGlam

Use within 6 months