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Try Colorini for fun, brightly colored faux tattoos!

Colorini waterproof inks are a great way to create a temporary black or colored tattoo look that lasts.

It is alcohol based and can be easily removed with rubbing alcohol or make-up remover.

EASY to use with stencils or draw on freehand! Clean the skin and stick on the stencil, apply the Coloring ink OR paint on Colorini with a small artist paintbrush.

• Opaque and Transparent colors available

• 15ml Colorini pigment

• Shake well before each use.

• Each Colorini bottle can produce anywhere between 100-140 small temporary tattoos

• If you prefer a thinner consistency add a few drops of rubbing alcohol to thin down the paint to your desired consistency. Thin down to the consistency of water colors and paint on in a soft flowy water color style for a unique look.

• Glitter can be poofed on while Colorini is still wet for a fun sparkly effect


Colorini creates crisp and clear faux tattoos when used with 3 part vinyl stencils

• SAFE Body Ink, alcohol based, fast drying

• Colorini is Waterproof, last 1-7 days

• Quick and Easy to Apply

• Dries Quickly

• Remove with rubbing alcohol

• Blends well wet into dry



May stain clothing or fabric.

Shake well as colors may separate when not in use.

Not for use on children under 5 years of age.

Not recommended for use on sensitive skin, cuts, abrasions, mucous membranes


Create faux tattoos with Colorini alcohol based inks.

Use with stencils to quickly create colorful, waterproof, long lasting faux tattoos. Can be applied freehand with a brush for unique custom body art.


1) Clean the skin well with rubbing alcohol

2) Apply the 3 part vinyl stencil to the skin. Choose a hair-free location for best results

3) Shake the bottle of Colorini

4) Paint on the Colorini Ink. Colors can be blended or add a poof of glitter powder on top for an extra fun sparkly look

5) Lasts 1-7 Days, and is waterproof

6) Remove with rubbing alcohol or make-up remover