Dora the Explorer

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Dora the Explorer Tattoo Stencil. Size: small 2x2 inches

Professional vinyl stencils are the go-to for gorgeous glitter tattoos, mica tattoos, and can even be used with henna or jagua! Quick, efficient, and easy to use for all artists, no matter their drawing level! All designs are licensed and ready for use at fundraisers, beach parties, spirit events, and parties. Young children love the magic when you remove the vinyl stencil and reveal their ultra-sparkly glitter tattoo.

For glitter and mica tattoos, you'll need:

  • Glitter Tattoo Stencils, professional 3 part vinyl stencils
  • Acrylic Adhesive Applicator Wand (ProsAide)
  • Cosmetic polyester glitter, bio-degradable cosmetic glitter or mica powders

Do NOT allow glue to FREEZE. The adhesive will turn solid and be ruined if frozen.
Store below 100 degrees Fahrenheit.